Yakuza: Dead Souls contest is over

Our swaggerific contest is now over. The following three people will get a replica Goro Majima eye patch, sleeve tattoo and a deck of Yakuza branded playing cards. So who are the winners?

  1. From our forums: Centrale
  2. From our twitter: Wornhammer
  3. From our facebook: Craig Taylor

Thanks for entering everyone!


6 responses to “Yakuza: Dead Souls contest is over

  1. chibisake says:


  2. Richard says:

    My eyes will be forever naked 🙁

  3. Skateboard says:

    Congrats! Hope we get some pics of people wearing the eye patch while playing cards. ^^

  4. Centrale says:

    woohoo! Now I’ll finally get the chance to rip off my suit and fight someone on top of a skyscraper! Thanks guys!

  5. Kenshinxxx says:


  6. Betablocker says:

    Now when will the Binary Domain contest end?

    My fav robot was Kurohagane a foe from Nightshade, the Shinobi spin off.

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