Japanese Sonic 4 site updates – reveals Oil Desert Zone and more

SEGA of Japan’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4 site has updated to reflect yesterday’s news, however there are a few new additions. For one thing, the unnamed desert stage will be known as Oil Desert Zone. Simple, but it fits. The site has also added twelve new screens of the zone, showing off new gimmicks and badniks. The site also has a cleaned up version of yesterday’s trailer, in true HD and without the Gamestop watermark. Other additions to the site include the confirmation of the $15 price tag, unchanged from the first episode. Also, there are badnik profiles and a story tab that shows Little Planet approaching Earth. The story text is in Japanese, so any readers who know the language, if you can translate it that would be “boss” of you.

Update: Added nine more images, courtesy of Andriasang.com, the images include more Oil Desert screens, high res “box art” and screens from Episode Metal.


2 responses to “Japanese Sonic 4 site updates – reveals Oil Desert Zone and more

  1. derps says:

    whats with the watermarks?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I captured them from the JP site (didn’t rip them, had to screen cap each one) so I figured my effort deserved watermarks. Didn’t want other sites just snapping them up and reusing them.

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