First Yakuza 5 screens hit the web

As promised, Yakuza 5’s first screenshots have been released onto the web, which show the updated graphics engine being used to run the newest installment in SEGA’s long running Ryu Ga Gotoku series. Featured in these screenshots are all five major characters and the new locals that will be used in Yakuza 5. The game is set for a December release in Japan and one can hope Western fans do not have to wait for long. Hit the jump to see the screenshots.


7 responses to “First Yakuza 5 screens hit the web

  1. CrazyTails says:

    I like kiryu’s new clothes

  2. SirTaiginator says:

    Kazuma Kiryu is working part time as a taxi driver in this, interesting…

  3. SGGG says:

    Possibly the most realistic looking game ever made? Would you say?

  4. Leo says:

    All that’s needed is trailers?

  5. Plant says:

    Kiryu stole Date’s coat.

  6. randroid says:

    Behind the ferris wheel, “Vanquish”

  7. Gamma says:

    @SGGG, I would probably say this was the most realistic looking game ever too, can’t think of any more realistic looking games than this that are out today, can anyone else?…

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