If Sonic Adventure 2 avatar items are hitting XBLA on June 5th…

… that can only mean Sonic Adventure 2 will be revealed for XBLA and PSN at E3! The Sonic Stadium is reporting that XBLA’s Major Nelson has just posted the latest Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule of all the games and items being released over the next few weeks. Among these new goodies are Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar items with a release date of June 5th. Hey, that’s when E3 begins. This wouldn’t be the first time a Sonic Adventure 2 announcement was made at E3. Back in 2000, we were wowed by the trailer posted above. And last year, we were given the great City Escape trailer for Sonic Generations. If you want to see that, check it out after the break. As for E3 2012, stay tuned to SEGAbits for the impending trailer, assuming there is one.


14 responses to “If Sonic Adventure 2 avatar items are hitting XBLA on June 5th…

  1. ronnie42 says:

    Dam I’m even more excited for e3.lol

    • jody breeze says:

      please re-release this game again it is my favorite game i still play on DC also re-release the power stone games those were the shit

  2. Kori-Maru says:

    Ah crap…. Time to play this game again against those Boom Boos 🙁

  3. ShadiNeko says:

    Sonic Adventure 2 HD will break Sonic sales charts, will be the best selling Sonic game ever, and SEGA japan will green light Sonic Adventure 3 for Iizuka and he will make sure 25th anniversary is one to remember. No longer will classic morans like mariotehplumber matter, Sonic will once again be dark and edgy with deep story and 3D gameplay, under the guidance of Iizuka-san.

    LOL, I’m not being fully serious, but watch it happen

  4. crackdude says:


  5. CrazyTails says:

    Well since I own a 100% completion save on my ngc, i dont really feel like starting all over again. Besides that, going through the story modes is a pain with the forced alternate gameplays.

  6. sonicplayer says:

    Unlike most people I have not played this game… yet, but I spoiled it like crazy. Now my 1600 ms points (that were going to be used for sonic 4: ep 2, I have beta 8 and I was not happy, especially, when I heard it’s EXACTLY the same as the xbla version(also I was sorely disappointed in it)) have a use I was thinking about buying Trials Evolution, oh and I have sonic adventure DX on gamecube :p=

  7. segaismysavior says:

    I’ll buy it again just for the Chao Garden.

  8. Please please tell me that there’s hope for a PSN release as well. This is my favorite sonic game of all time and I would love to see it come to both the XBLA and the PSN.

  9. Miles Prower says:

    This is great news to hear, I loved the Adventure series so I’m very excited for this. Going to be buying this as soon as it comes out 😀

    Something has sprung into my mind right now, remember when they re-released Sonic 1 & 2 on PSN/XBL, then later created Sonic the hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (They released the classics to promote StH4:1 as a sequel to the classic), then they remade Sonic CD for PSN/XBL, then later created Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II (They released Sonic CD to promote StH4:2 as both are revolved around metal sonic). Maybe they are re-releasing the adventure games because they are planning on making an Adventure 3 sometimes soon. This may not be probable, but i thought it was worth mentioning and I would love to see Tails playable again in another 3D Sonic game.

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