Rob Zombie’s Dragula Confirmed for Jet Set Radio


SEGA has confirmed another track for Jet Set Radio, this one from Rob Zombie. As far as I’ve heard, this is the first news of Rob Zombie’s track being confirmed for Jet Set’s upcoming digital re-release, meaning that fans of his work shouldn’t be left out in the cold! SEGA has more confirmations for Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack coming in the future, so stay tuned.


15 responses to “Rob Zombie’s Dragula Confirmed for Jet Set Radio

  1. batfax says:

    This is probably the only track I wouldn’t really’ve minded if it was skipped. The promise of more music updates to come is pleasing though.

  2. Shigs says:

    Great. The one song I didn’t want.

  3. Crazytails says:

    Only havIng player the europe version i dont think i ever heard this sOng. Looking at the comments so far worries me though :p

  4. -nSega54- says:

    It’s a cool song and either way I’m glad this news means that they’re going after licensed tracks. Hopefully Deavid Soul’s will follow.

  5. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    Yay I guess. I really care about is Deavid Soul and the tracks made by Hideki Naganuma.

    I wonder if Jurassic5 is the group that won’t make it back in since they broke up a few years ago. I liked their stuff.

  6. Geed says:

    Yeah, I could have done without the song that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the soundtrack as well. Hope there’s a playlist option so I can turn that suck song off.

    • Scartis says:

      Totally agree, that is more of a Rock song and is mostly at odds with the rest of the Jazz, Techno, Dance style soundtrack that’s usually more popular in Euro/Jap territories, no wonder it was made for the US ver only as it would appeal more over there. Sonic CD is another perfect example of the different tastes, Japan and Europe got exactly the same original soundtrack while America got a near completely different one based more on Rock style.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    The song was for the Combo/Cube parts of the game, which were very different from the rest of the game as well, so in that sense, I think it works.

    I really hope people aren’t going to start complaining about songs being included IN the game, now…..

  8. Drust says:

    It’s an okay song, I’m not to bothered about it though, as I had the Euro edition here which has a slightly different soundtrack, what might bother many though is that Sega will propably use it to replace the songs that played on the Combo and Cube parts and never give us the option of using the Euro songs that played on these parts of the game which some of us nostalgically fondly remember, I mind the first time I ever heard the US ver had this song a few years back, It was a surprise, it’s also that song that plays in the Matrix film at the scene where Neo first speaks to Trinity in that futuristic disco place.

  9. Drust says:

    I’m pretty cofident about the soundtrack in general, at least the vast majority will remain unchanged, unlike what happened to the Crazy Taxi re-release where most if not all the music was changed, there was only like 1 or 2 half decent tracks in it and none of the original Dreamcast’s soundtrack from the likes of the Offspring or Bad Religion, it made the game seem less like Crazi Taxi some how even if it was just music, which just goes to show how important the music is to games like that and how the closest to the original the soundtrack is the better.

  10. SSagent says:

    song sucks and like others have said, doesnt really fit the game.
    what a terrible decision. it’s decisions like these that got sega in the mess they are in now.

  11. The Dead Skin says:

    Can’t wait for the so-called Jet Set Radio fans to turn their back after screaming and crying for like, seven years.

    It’s for reasons like that why I’ve stopped believing in humanity. You people are so full of shit.

  12. -nSega54- says:

    song sucks and like others have said, doesnt really fit the game.
    what a terrible decision. it’s decisions like these that got sega in the mess they are in now.”

    Are you out of your mind, lol!?

    Song was in the original game, why wouldn’t it be in the HD re-release?

    good lord……………………

    • Lent says:

      Well for Americans it was in the original release, but not in the European and Japanese versions it wasn’t so some people will be irked at that.

  13. -nSega54- says:

    People shouldn’t be irked that they’ve included songs from a region that the game was released in. People should be happy that they’ve included as many as possible from the soundtracks of any region the game saw release in.

    Anyway, this discussion’s now pointless, as the full set list has been revealed.

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