Microsoft unleashes Sonic Adventure 2’s product page before announcement

So Microsoft posted the product page for Sonic Adventure 2 earlier this morning, pretty much confirming that the game is almost going to be announced. From what it looks like, it seems that SEGA might have delayed the game a bit? Don’t be surprised if SEGA announces it soon.

Stuff that is now obviously confirmed include widescreen support, chaos being playable and 2 player offline. Click the jump to see all the leaked assets including in-game screenshots.




8 responses to “Microsoft unleashes Sonic Adventure 2’s product page before announcement

  1. crackdude says:

    So it’s the gamecube version with no new online interactions.

    Good enough 🙂

  2. Brent says:

    Dreamcast version was the best, fk the GC ver – cheap unofficial port.

    Dreamcast all the way!

  3. sonicplayer says:

    Second to last screenshot press the circle button to slide (brake)

    Where I got the joke:
    skip to 32 seconds to hear the joke, but watch the entire video to get it
    (not made by me!!!!!!!!! I only linked the video(and in case people don’t read descriptions or know how to get to channels on youtube (yes people are that dumb) the video was made by BoozermaN)

  4. sonicplayer says:

    Oh and uhh it’s probably obvious, but the link…is dead.

  5. SMT_Xero says:

    I hope the adventure 2 battle “dlc” let’s you play online

  6. Sonicplayer says:

    Xbox live marketplace sales and deals tab sonics pose is identical to the sonic adventure 2 one.

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