SEGA Memories: Sonic Adventure 2 Commercials

Of all the things I remember about the Dreamcast days, the Sonic Adventure 2 commercial is about the only ad that actually sticks in my mind. Why? Well, for one, it was the only Dreamcast ad I ever actually saw on television. Thanks to Youtube I know that the Dreamcast had the sort of ads that console makers never even bother with these days. I don’t know what Master Chief and Marcus Fenix are doing in my Xbox, but I know exactly what Sonic and other Dreamcast stars are doing in my little white box: having a never ending dance party!

In addition to me actually seeing it, the Sonic Adventure 2 ad was also actually…good. It was the first video game commercial in a long time that made me actually crack up laughing. Good hedgehogs will eat pellets out of your hand and evil hedgehogs…will brutally devour a cow like something out of Jurassic Park. Yes, that sounds about right for Shadow.

This commercial would serve as the foundation for a larger ad campaign the following year for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Gamecube. These ads would propel Sonic Adventure 2 into being one of the best selling games on the Gamecube. They were also very funny, even better then the original Dreamcast ad as far as I’m concerned.

It was nice seeing Sonic having such a presence on television again. This wouldn’t be the last time either, as Sonic Heroes also got a hilarious commercial just a few years later. It’s a shame SEGA doesn’t make ads like these anymore.

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2 responses to “SEGA Memories: Sonic Adventure 2 Commercials

  1. Dubba says:

    I wish I had a pet hedgehog (that is good, because I don’t want the evil one to devour me, lol)
    I also wish that there was good Sonic commercials around. 🙁

  2. Barry the Nomad says:

    “Sonic, only on Nintendo Gamecube”

    Didn’t quite get that, considering the game was on Dreamcast and since then all games were multi-platform that generation.

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