Sonic Talk #28: Sonic Talk Adventure 28 DX Battle Edition Purple Monkey Dishwasher


It’s Dreamcast month here at Segabits, so being a Sonic podcast, we’ve decided to look back at the Sonic Adventure series. Me. Nuckles87, GX Echidna and special guest Evil Dr. Reef look back at the Adventure series from its Dreamcast beginnings up to Sonic Adventure DX on the GameCube. Which in the series is our favorite? What were the best parts? What were the worst parts (besides big the Cat obviously)? Does either game hold up today? Do we want a Sonic adventure 3? We answer all these question and more in a heavy 2 & 1/2 hour discussion that’s one of our best episodes yet!

NOTE: If you wonder why GX seems to be hogging the conversation for about 20 minutes after the 58 minute mark, it’s because Nuckles87’s audio went off for a short period of time. (Also, GX tends to naturally hog up a conversation anyway.) Luckily, my awesome editing skills saved the day and it’s barely noticeable.

Sonic Adventure 2 HD DLC confirmed along with some Big news

Some Big SA2HD news out of PAX. Sonic Stadium reports that SA2 will become SA2 Battle through DLC much in the same way Sonic Adventure became DX. This will either delight or enrage fans as this means that battle mode comes at a separate cost but you get the updated graphics in the regular version.

In other news, Big the Cat will return to the game as an Easter Egg of sorts. You may remember Big being in the background of certain levels and cutscenes in the original Dreamcast version but was taken out of the Gamecube “Battle” port. Well, now he’s put back in so keep an eye out for the fat cat.

SEGA Memories: Sonic Adventure 2 Commercials

Of all the things I remember about the Dreamcast days, the Sonic Adventure 2 commercial is about the only ad that actually sticks in my mind. Why? Well, for one, it was the only Dreamcast ad I ever actually saw on television. Thanks to Youtube I know that the Dreamcast had the sort of ads that console makers never even bother with these days. I don’t know what Master Chief and Marcus Fenix are doing in my Xbox, but I know exactly what Sonic and other Dreamcast stars are doing in my little white box: having a never ending dance party!

The Weekly Five: Things we need to see in a digital version of Sonic Adventure 2

It’s coming. It’s all but confirmed. As we reported earlier in the week,  it appears that Sonic Adventure 2 will be heading to X-Box LIVE and probably PSN sometime this year. Just like its predecessor, it will most likely include some achievements/trophies, some Avatar awards I’m sure and probably some wallpaper or what not. But the port of SA1 was not all that great and left room for improvement. Read on to see what I feel should, if not MUST be done to make Sonic Adventure 2 a great port.

Sonic fans on Wii: Please Quit Yer Cryin’!

Some folks are never happy.

As with everyone else this week, I was ecstatic to see the new Sonic Generations gameplay trailer. While discussing it over several different forums, I noticed the same topic coming up. “Why isn’t it on Wii?!” “That’s not fair, the Wii should get an anniversary game too!” And my favorite, “LOL typical Sega. screwing over Wii fans”. This line of discussion really ticked me off. Mainly because if you’re a Sonic fan who only owns a Wii, you’ve never had it so good!