Jet Set Radio HD tags itself into the mobile space this summer

Jet Set Radio HD will be skating it’s way onto iOS and other mobile platforms later this summer. Looks like the Vita has some more competition. Here’s the official statement from Sega.

Jet Set Radio is headed to iOS and Android this summer! We’re pretty excited – the same game you’ve enjoyed on the Dreamcast is going to be with you anytime you want on your preferred mobile device.

Jet Set Radio for iOS and Android includes the same slick gameplay, genre-blending soundtrack, and pioneering art style as the other versions alongside new features like OpenFeint and Retina display support and the awesome ability to use pictures taken with your phone or tablet’s camera as in-game graffiti! Traverse Shibuya terminal on the train, silence the Love Shockers on your lunch break, blast through Benten-cho while boarding a bus and upload achievements to Facebook while riding a ferry; Jet Set Radio will be a dream come true for portable gamers everywhere!

Okay, here’s my concern. This game’s controls could be a little tricky at times even on the old Dreamcast controller. I can’t even imagine it controlling very well on a touchpad device. Well, here’s hoping I’m wrong.


10 responses to “Jet Set Radio HD tags itself into the mobile space this summer

  1. -nSega54- says:

    When the fuck is the release date?

  2. Shigs says:

    Didn’t you read? Summer!…………Probably August. XP

  3. -nSega54- says:

    lol there’s only about 6 weeks left of summer, give or take. It’s pretty unusual (and not the best marketing tactic) to have a game without a release date less than 6 weeks from release.

  4. Shigs says:

    Actually, I think fall starts in late September. They can say mid September and still technically be summer. GUH!

  5. Summer is now. Come on. An actual date would be nice.

  6. “Tags itself into the mobile space” Really?

  7. Hitrax says:

    I think part of the reason Sega’s taken longer to get this re-released Dreamcast classic out is because they are still waiting on seeing if they can get the licence resolved on these last two songs that they still need to get for absolute completion of all the regional soundtracks combined,

    as well as cramming in as much graffiti artwork in as possible, on top of getting the controls absolutely spot on precise and correct, according to Wikipedia, it’s mainly the license of those two songs that they are still waiting on, although that news is near two months old now but it’s still up there, so who knows,

    if it’s any of those things though, I don’t mind waiting a bit longer, it’s good in a way, it shows Sega’s determination to get it right and put 100% into it.

  8. Kori-Maru says:

    Will JSR be available for Tegra 3 devices only?

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