SEGA Memories: The Day the HD Stood Strong


Imagine growing up with a family who got you your first video game system, even though they have little to no knowledge of what video games are. That may sound like most of you, but for those that didn’t have that lovely experience, nine times out of ten you hoped that you got the one game system you wanted to get or you relied on friends to have the ones you didn’t have. And somehow, unfortunately, my neighborhood was all Nintendo territory.

Let’s fast forward to early 2012; I started to branch out in my gaming endeavors. I got an Xbox 360 a year before and third-party titles started to become my new favorite (I went crazy over all of the Suda51 games). Then one fateful spring morning, it was announced that three classic Sega titles were coming to the 360 and PS3 later on in the year. And while I already spoiled myself silly over the Gamecube port of Sonic Adventure 2, the other two games were ones that I was most excited about than any other game of that year: NiGHTS into Dreams and Jet Set Radio. Since there were no Sonic games coming out that year, SEGA gave us three remastered HD titles to melt over. And while some have already played these gems, this was an exciting and memorable moment for me in a time when people thought the world was going to end.

Jet Set Radio HD available on Xbox One via backward compatibility

JetSetRadioHDXboneJet Set Radio is the newest game to join the Xbox One family thanks to Microsoft’s 360 backwards compatibility. The game was released back in 2012 on the Xbox 360 and if you bought it you can now play it on your shiny new Xbox One.

Its nice that Jet Set Radio is technically available on a new platform, makes me hope that maybe SEGA hasn’t given up on the brand. I know fans haven’t, since Jet Set Radio Future HD re-release is hot in demand on social media sites. Maybe Microsoft will start backwards compatibility program with original Xbox titles? I wish!

Jet Set Radio, Hell Yeah! and Golden Axe are free on Steam

MakeLoveNotWarBundle1SEGA is giving away free PC games as part of their Make War Not Love event this year, which has been running for three consecutive years. SEGA promised PC gamers that the more they play, they more they win and they weren’t kidding. The following SEGA games are free to download (and own) on Steam:

  • Jet Set Radio
  • Hell Year! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
  • Hell Yeah! Virtual Rabbit Missions (DLC)
  • Hell Yeah! Pimp My Rabbit Pack (DLC)
  • Golden Axe (SEGA Classic)

Download the bundle here. Outside of this, SEGA has also discounted Dawn of War, Company of Heroes and Total War games up to 75% off. According to the site tomorrow we will be unlocking Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol, Condemned: Criminal Origins, and Streets of Rage 2 for free. Even if you don’t have a gaming PC, its worth making a Steam account and adding these to your list. They are free after all.

BlitWorks tells fans to continue asking SEGA for Shenmue and Jet Set Radio Future HD ports

Spanish video game website GameSpek recently interviewed the Barcelona, Spain based company responsible for many ports, including SEGA fan favorite Jet Set Radio.

As we all know, before the Shenmue III E3 2015 announcement, the on again/off again Shenmue franchise was constantly surrounded in a wide array of rumors, some concerning ports or high definition remakes of the first two games having been started on, or even fully completed. These rumors never came to fruition, but now we have some official insight into the status of these Shenmue ports. Says BlitWorks:

“Then we thought it would be a good idea to showcase Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio and Shenmue working on the emulators to Sega, with the prospect of a commercial release for the consoles of that time. They showed interest in Sonic CD and Jet Set Radio“.

When asked if they had anything else to say to fans, BlitWorks said:

Thanks to you! We would like to tell SEGA games fans that they don’t cease to ask for ports of great games like Shenmue or Jet Set Radio Future, we are the first ones that would like to port these games. In or similar webs there are several requests about that.

They also discuss Jet Set Radio‘s removal from iOS, and more. Check out the full interview here.

SEGA Humble Bundle sale slashes 75% off some great games


Open up your E-Wallets folks! There’s a big sale going on at Humble Bundle and SEGA is one of the main publishers, so get in on the big clearance ‘cuz everything must go! Although, technically it’s digital so it really doesn’t go anywhere. Just…data gets copied from a server and onto your computer but that data also stays at the server so it’s not like…..NEVERMIND! Anyway,here are some of the great SEGA deals going on:

And many many more! The sale ends soon, so come on down and take a gander.

SEGA pulls Jet Set Radio from the App Store and soon from Google Play

Jet Set Radio has vanished from Apple’s App Store, and is soon to be pulled from Google Play as well. Don’t blame the Golden Rhinos, as SEGA says the game is being pulled for compatibility issues with iOS 8. I noticed the game disappeared from the App Store a few weeks ago when I attempted to launch the game and it crashed, I navigated over to the App Store to read user reviews to see if crashing was a common issue and the game was nowhere to be found. I assumed the game was temporarily pulled due to stability issues, and it looks like my assumptions were correct. As SEGA told Droid Gamers:

Showed some minor compatibility problems [with iOS 8]. Ensuring that all of our fans have a quality game experience is paramount to us, therefore we’ve decided to take the game off the store. We don’t have yet a fixed date to communicate regarding their return to the App Store and Google Play. – SEGA

Of course, Android does not use iOS 8, so pulling the game from both stores is a bit odd. Perhaps SEGA wants to make additional changes to both games to improve stability? In any case, if you want to snag the game before it is pulled, head on over to Google Play and give it a download before it’s gone.

Contest: Win a Jet Set Radio hoodie or soundtrack!

Now that Jet Set Radio week is in full effect, let’s talk about our contest. We will be giving away Jet Set Radio hoodies and Japanese soundtracks via our twitter account. Make sure you follow and retweet the tweet below to enter.

The week isn’t over, we will also be streaming Jet Set Radio via our Twitch channel this Thursday at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST. Tune in, before Captain Onishima tries to shut down the stream!

My Life With SEGA celebrates 1 year with Technocop

On September 9th, 2011, the My Life With SEGA series began with the video review of the SEGA Genesis game Technocop. Since then, the series has grown, both in quality and in viewership, and is now a welcomed member of the SEGAbits family. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the series, AJ presents the first episode of the series and we here at SEGAbits present you with a contest: win a digital download code for Jet Set Radio on XBOX Live Arcade.

How to enter: Subscribe to the SEGAbits YouTube channel and comment on the video. It’ll help your chances if you actually comment on the video and don’t just say stuff like “I want JSR!” and “Gimme gimme gimme!”. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Good luck and enjoy the video!

Jet Set Radio HD gets a price “tag” and release dates!

YES!! @#$*ing finally!

Today, the Sega blogs have finally given us both the long-awaited release dates and price for Jet Set Radio HD. This digitally distributed darling will arrive on September 18th for PSN and the 19th for LIVE and Steam. Better news for those with Playstation Plus, you’ll be getting it a week early on September 11th. As promised, all 3 dates are technically still “summer” (although, I don’t know a single kid who won’t be in school by then). Those waiting for the Vita version will have to wait just a little bit longer as it arrives on October 16th. All versions will arrive at a super-cheap price of $9.99 (I’d have totally paid double that, but don’t tell Sega). No word yet on the iOS and mobile versions. Press release details at the comment link.

Jet Set Radio HD tags itself into the mobile space this summer

Jet Set Radio HD will be skating it’s way onto iOS and other mobile platforms later this summer. Looks like the Vita has some more competition. Here’s the official statement from Sega.

Jet Set Radio is headed to iOS and Android this summer! We’re pretty excited – the same game you’ve enjoyed on the Dreamcast is going to be with you anytime you want on your preferred mobile device.

Jet Set Radio for iOS and Android includes the same slick gameplay, genre-blending soundtrack, and pioneering art style as the other versions alongside new features like OpenFeint and Retina display support and the awesome ability to use pictures taken with your phone or tablet’s camera as in-game graffiti! Traverse Shibuya terminal on the train, silence the Love Shockers on your lunch break, blast through Benten-cho while boarding a bus and upload achievements to Facebook while riding a ferry; Jet Set Radio will be a dream come true for portable gamers everywhere!

Okay, here’s my concern. This game’s controls could be a little tricky at times even on the old Dreamcast controller. I can’t even imagine it controlling very well on a touchpad device. Well, here’s hoping I’m wrong.

The Rudie boobies SEGA of America doesn’t want you to see

No, this isn’t one of George’s old “spot the differences” contests. SEGA Network chum TheGagaman spotted this funny difference between the US and UK sites for Jet Set Radio. See the change? Piranha’s boobies have been covered by a green tank top. Guess somebody at SEGA legal thought the US page was too scandalous for the kiddies. No word if this change will be applied to the in-game character (unlikely), but its a funny example of American squeamishness.

PAX East: Jet Set Radio Preview

I don’t think it’s unusual for a SEGA fan to get a warm, fuzzy feeling every time he or she remembers the Dreamcast. Everyone knows the drill: it was an amazing swan song for a dying console maker, received more quality content in two years than most other consoles receive in five. While the console itself is fondly remembered, it’s the games that truly make the console. So when SEGA first revealed their line of downloadable Dreamcast games for XBLA and PSN, many fans naturally had designs of finally playing amazing epics like Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue in high definition. Unfortunately, the first two waves of games left something to be desired. Sonic Adventure was a fairly bare-bones port of the slightly inferior PC version, lacking even widescreen. Crazy Taxi lost its entire original soundtrack in the process of being brought over and SEGA Bass Fishing is hardly what one would call a Dreamcast classic. This left Space Chanel 5 Part 2 as the only well done master class Dreamcast title, and even that was ported in lieu of the more well-known original.

Swingin’ Report Show #29: Crossover Mayhem


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