Creative Assembly’s Rome II will be ‘Total War’s Saving Private Ryan’

Creative Assembly has been making some of the best strategy games on PC for years, but they want to do more with Rome II. They want to add Spielberg level of drama. It has been confirmed that Total War: Rome II will be the biggest and most detailed Total War game yet. So anything extra is awesome. Studio says it really took inspiration from the film Saving Private Ryan and wants to make the players care about the characters on screen.

“We’ve got naval battle and land battles interacting for the first time, so you can throw ships up beaches and have people ‘Saving Private Ryan-ing’ it up the beach. When I say Saving Private Ryan, that’s a phrase we’re using around the office a lot because we’re trying to inject that real feeling of horrific warfare so that the loss of your troops is going to affect you more deeply this time around. We’re putting more personality into the troops that you’ll send marching off across the battlefield by using facial motion capture and giving more resources to animation. We want to create that level of human strife, drama and character on a very macro-scale amongst these gigantic battles at the same time.”– Rob Bartholomew, Creative Assembly Brand Director

Total War: Rome II is set to release on PC in 2013. So how do you feel about the cinematic direction they want to take? I have to say, Total War franchise was always about being sucked into history and commanding big battles. The battles are bigger than ever with more believable characters? Count me in.


3 responses to “Creative Assembly’s Rome II will be ‘Total War’s Saving Private Ryan’

  1. Pao says:

    The animations in Shogun 2 were amazing (especially with Darthmod)

    They are saying they are concentrating more on animations with Rome 2, I can’t imagine how good it will look!

    I just hope they bring the “crunchy” feel of combat found in the first ROME.

  2. Sharky says:

    Saving Private Me.


  3. Dubba814 says:

    I actually might consider buying this!

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