Valve leaks player counts for Steam games, how are SEGA games doing?

Earlier today, Valve accidentally leaked player counts for all the games on their store. I can hear all the publishers gasping at once. So how are SEGA games actually doing on Steam? Well as expected PC centeric games like Company of Heroes 2, Empire: Total War and Total War: Rome II top the list. The first sign of ‘SEGA Japan’ on here starts at number 8 with SEGA Genesis Classics pulling in 1,514,485 players.

On the other hand the most popular Sonic the Hedgehog title being confirmed as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed which had 1,232,451 users, the second best Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 2 with 416,851 users. Sonic Forces didn’t seem to get much traction on PC with only 34,165 players as of the leak, getting beaten by the underrated Puyo Puyo Tetris with 47,388 players. Virtua Sanus over at ResetERA has listed all the number for SEGA games.

Total War takes over Humble Weekly Bundle

June 21st, 2010 @ 13:31:54
It seems that SEGA and The Creative Assembly are offering their titles once again as bundles on the popular ‘pay for what you want’ model of Humble Bundle. Not only that, you can set how much money goes to the publisher (SEGA), Humble Bundle and how much is given to charities. This bundle is supporting Special Effect: The Gamer’s Charity, Willow, Walking with the Wounded, and BLES.

Pay what you want (at least $1) you get: 

  • Medieval II: Total War Collection 
  • Viking: Battle for Asgard
  • Shogun: Total War Collection
  • Total War: Rome OST
  • Total War: WARHAMMER Illustrated Campaign Map
  • Total War: ARENA 30 Days Premium Account
  • Total War Battles: Kingdom
  • Total War eBooks

Total War series sells 11 million within the last 6 years


SEGA has announced their critical acclaimed series Total War has managed to sell 11 million units between the previous 5 installments (Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, Rome II and Attila) and a further 18 million units of DLC sold. What’s interesting to note is due to the fact that Attila is so new, it is almost assuredly that the majority of the 11 million sales is actually made up of 4 titles, showcasing just how popular the series is. Furthermore SEGA revealed that the first week sales in the UK for the latest Total War title, Attila, were 21,680 units with 81% of the sales coming from digital.

Speaking to MVC, Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew said;

“Since the release of Total War: Napoleon in 2010, we’ve built a great tradition of standalone follow-ups to our major titles, and it’s great to see Attila so well-received by fans and critics.

Globally we’re seeing this title reach double the sales of Napoleon in its first week and, as Creative Assembly’s home market, it’s heartening to see the UK taking its fair share of that success. With over a million people playing Total War each month now, it turns out there’s plenty of gamers who just want to watch the world burn. Who knew?”

Total War‘s impressive 1 million active users a month is surely another indication why SEGA, along with it’s life consuming Football Manager series, has been focusing so much on PC. As they continue to curve up a strong position in the PC market and with both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Arena on the horizon, this series will prove to be a key pillar for the SEGA’s growth and prosperity.

Humble SEGA Bundle features Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, NiGHTS and more

SEGA and Humble Bundle have teamed up once again to help charity and sell cheap PC games for the next two weeks. This time around you can get Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, NiGHTS Into Dreams, the Dreamcast Collection and DLC for Total War: Rome II and Football Manager 2015 for any price you want as long as it’s at least $1. If you pay more than the average amount you’ll also get Empire: Total War, Company of Heroes 2 DLC and other games that will be added to the bundle later on. Then there’s the $12 tier, and if you pay more than that you’ll get the standalone Fall of the Samurai expansion for Total War: Shogun 2. Finally, if you pay more than $50 you’ll get a nifty looking Dreamcast t-shirt.

Aside from this bundle, there are also various other SEGA games on sale in the Humble Store. The most notable deal on there probably being Alien: Isolation for 50% off, however that deal is only for today so you have to be quick. Other games on sale we recommend are The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and of course Binary Domain.

SEGA celebrating Total War weekend, let’s you play Rome II for free

SEGA and Creative Assembly have launched ‘Total War Week‘ on Steam, through September 25-29th. This means 75% discount on all Total War back catalog, including titles like Viking: Battle for Asgard and Total War: Shogun 2.

Not only that, but if you click here you’ll be able to download the full Total War Rome II and be able to play it for free all weekend. That totally beats a demo, right?

Total War: Rome II fans enraged at SEGA for including cut pre-alpha content as paid DLC

Creative Assembly is in the lime light with fans once again for its new premium DLC, as it allegedly includes content that was cut from the game’s pre-release version.

Gamers are saying that he Camel Cataphract units featured in the DLC Beasts of War pack was originally shown in a Let’s Play video that was produced by Creative Assembly before the game came out. This video also showed the Mercenary Naked Swords unit which wasn’t in the base game either and was released later in the Caesar in Gaul DLC.

“At the time of this video’s recording, these units were not finished in terms of art, gameplay or design and as a marketing team we should have double-checked the likelihood of them making it into the final game. Obviously we don’t want to feature content that won’t be in the game intentionally, especially when it would otherwise be pointless, as in this case where there was a huge variety of other great units to show off. That’s our basic human error and I apologize for letting that through. [The units] weren’t working pre-launch in the sense that they were finished, being largely placeholder and subject to change. However, I completely appreciate that this sounds like a ‘get out’ on a technicality to a fan feeling aggrieved by this, so again I do apologize for not thoroughly checking enough that all content in that video was absolutely ready for public viewing and understanding. We’ve put checks in place now that should prevent that in the future.” – Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew

This isn’t the first issue the game has had with long time fans; this entry has been one of the more highly criticized titles in the franchise, though it remains a powerhouse seller for SEGA.

SEGA PC games being discounted up to 90%! Check out these weekend deals

(above image by DeviantART user: Shadic592)

This weekend is going to be huge for SEGA PC gamers, there are tons of sales across the internet, some on Steam and others on other websites like Gamefly. So let’s get started! 

Steam: Make War Not Love sale 


Green Man Gaming

GameFly Digital: SEGA classics sale

(Note: All the games on sale by Gamefly use Games for Windows Live, which is being discontinued on July 1st, 2014. That means that the online portions of the games will remain offline, the games will still be playable on offline accounts.)

SEGA-Sammy’s Finicial Report: Consumer division beats expectations, generates profit


It seems that SEGA-Sammy is on track. In recent earnings they continued to generate profit as a whole thanks to their amusement and pachinko slot machines, usually their consumer business loses money. Not this time, SEGA’s consumer business reported a income of 1.12 billion yen (about $11.35 million). What lead to SEGA’s sudden turn in profits?

  • During the three month period, their biggest title was Total War: Rome II, which moved 800,000 units.  Considering the fact that this report ends on September 30th, that would mean the game was on sale for less than a month!
  • According to the report their digital titles for Windows PC, mobile phones and smartphones ‘remained favorable’. Phantasy Star Online 2 saw 3 million registered accounts during August and 800,000 people downloaded the mobile game ‘Chain Chronicle‘ .

SEGA-Sammy as a company saw their operating income jump up 57.1 %, ranking in 12.4 billion yen. If you are one of the people that invested in SEGA-Sammy stock, congratulations!

SEGA comments on Steam’s new controller


There has been a lot of questions regarding Steam’s new controller, pictured above. The controller will use two trackpads instead of traditional buttons that can be fully customized by developers, the idea is that it will allow users to play RTS games, as well as ‘traditional’ controller games just fine. Of course SEGA would like the opportunity to bring their massive successful PC games into the living room. But how does it control?

“It’s very much still in beta. It’s rough around the edges and there are functions missing. The first thing I noticed is that it feels very light, and the left hand touchpad movement feels very natural. It is incredibly fluid and intuitive right from the off. The right hand touchpad, which would normally handle your looking movements, was frantic and incredibly sensitive. It was tricky, but if you hone it down and manage the sensitivity, I am sure it will be better. You can tell pro-gamers will use this in tournaments.” – Digital distribution director James Schall

SEGA managed to win over brand director for Total War, Rob Bartholomew who came into Valve questioning the idea for the controller. He said after 10 minutes he was won over with the possibilities they can accomplish with the new pad.

Creative Assembly and Extra Credits Want to Teach You About Roman History

When I was at this year’s PAX Prime, I tried to see if I could play Total War: Rome II to write up a preview for a genre I’m not terribly great at. After a few seconds it quickly dawned on me that the time I was going to invest wasn’t going to do this game any justice. I’m not a guy who does great at Real Time Strategy, nor did I come from an education system that would span further from Texas history. However, through some of their marketing money, Creative Assembly has teamed up with the folks behind Extra Credits to give you an overview of Roman history through a series of videos starting today on the Punic Wars. If you’re playing the game and don’t understand everything the story of Rome II is telling, this ought to help provide a better understanding, or for people like me, its great to see developers doing some good to go to new efforts just to teach people about history. That and, well, probably to make sure this doesn’t happen again…

Still its great to see efforts like this happen between the two, and its great for SEGA to even allow their marketing money to be used in this form. Be sure to watch the video and stay tuned to the Extra Credits Youtube channel for more on Roman history.

Creative Assembly unboxes Total War: Rome II Collector’s Edition, dog attack sold separately

Total War: Rome II is almost coming out, what better way to show off the new Collector’s Edition of the game than by being attacked by dogs? Well, check out the funny video posted by the boys at Creative Assembly, they are taking the unboxing game to the next level.

According to the video, the collector’s edition will be limited to 22,000 copies, grab yours before their gone!

Total War: Rome II joins the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s PC roster has expanded, with the addition of Willemus, a Roman soldier from the upcoming Total War: Rome II. Owners of the racing game spotted the new character in a free update that just recently rolled out. Willemus joins other PC exclusive characters which include General Winter of Company of Heroes 2, the Football Manager from Football Manager, Shogun of Total War: Shogun 2, and the Team Fortress 2 trio. While I find the PC characters to be pretty cool, it would be awesome if SEGA gave the same level of love to the console versions of the game. After the break, check out photos of Willemus in action.

Mark Strong to play a role of a general in Total War: Rome 2

Mark Strong is known for playing various villains in movies (Kick-Ass, Green Lantern and Sherlock Homes) and it seems he might continue this typecasted villain role in Total War: Rome 2. He is set to play General Silanus, a power hungry general that will guide you (the player) though the opening chapters of the campaign.

Even though he is mostly known for his villain roles, he did play the voice of Titus in the Warhammer 40k: Space Marine video game. Which is a pretty damn good game and is now published by SEGA (since it was developed by Relic).

You can check out the press release after the break.

E3 2013: Total War Rome II Hands-On

28061TWRII_E3_2013_Egyptian_Flagship copy

I have a confession to make: I am not very good at real time strategy. I have always been more of an action gamer, so strategically placing units and managing resources are not things I have much experience with. That said, I do have a few dozen hours of experience with Total War: Rome, so when it came time to choose between Company of Heroes 2 and Total War: Rome 2 this E3 I knew there was only one I could write about with any degree of competence. Though I will make it clear now: if you are looking for detailed impressions of the many changes made to Rome 2, look elsewhere, as the only other Total War game I have ever played was the original Rome and I was a very casual player.

Have to say, I’m happy with my choice. From what I saw in the presentation, Rome 2 looks like it will be a pretty serious improvement over its predecessor. Your cities are a lot more detailed now: instead of your cities simply changing their appearance as they grow, the cities now actually grow and evolve. The changes made to your cities can now be seen visually as they develop over the course of the game’s 200 year campaign. In addition to this it sounds like city management will now be more streamlined. Rather than having to micromanage each individual city, you can now manage all your cities from your capital.