Play-Asia lists the US version of Valkyria Chronicles 3

Seems that the boys at Play-Asia made an error, the site has a page for the US version of Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the PSP. The issue? The game has not been announced for Western release. So in the end, we have to determine that most likely, Play-Asia’s web team made a mistake… Or maybe SEGA has a few surprises for Valkyria Chronicles fans?


3 responses to “Play-Asia lists the US version of Valkyria Chronicles 3

  1. Hitrax says:

    Kind of lost way, and interest a bit, with this series ever since the second one (and the rest of the series since) went PSP exclusive, I prefer these sort of games on home consoles rather than handhelds.
    Probably will get back into it again some day, just don’t get why they made it a handheld exclusive.
    And it will be a surprise if it ends up going for the PSP instead of the PSVita, another bad move.

  2. SkyBlue says:

    I think it’s an error on their part as a placeholder in case they ever got the game.

    I agree that the game should be on consoles again.

  3. SOUP says:

    It’ll be a PSP release no matter what, but as long as it’s digital (most likely), you can play it on the Vita too.

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