Rumor: Sonic The Fighters, Fighting Vipers, and VF2 coming to XBLA?

From Sonic Stadium comes a big rumor about a trio of Sega 3-D fighting games headed to XBLA. Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2. On this schedule page, you can see that these games are in the rumored section due to them being rated and with a screenshot included. It will be very interesting to see if this holds true. Could this be a new Sega Heritage 3-pack with fighting games as the theme? Hey Sega, how about finally unlocking Honey the Cat in Sonic Fighters and making her fully playable without a hack? Or better yet, how about “buy all three and unlock fighters Megamix”?! I know that would get me to buy them all.


23 responses to “Rumor: Sonic The Fighters, Fighting Vipers, and VF2 coming to XBLA?

  1. crackdude says:

    How about a Super Fighters Megamix, where for each of these three games you buy you unlock all the characters and stages, effectively being able to play anyone from one game against anyone from another game in a stage from another game.

  2. SkyBlue says:

    Sonic the Fighters isn’t that good to my disappointment, and why play VF2 when we just got VF5S?

    Other then that, Fighting Vipers is an interesting one…I wonder if it’ll be worth 400 or 800 points? Making it 1200 like VF5S would be cheeky.

  3. This news came out of nowhere. Sega is doing a good job of bringing back the huge classics. I hope they aren’t sold individually as they probably won’t sell well on thier own anymore. I hope they bundle VF2, Sonic the Fighters, and Fighting Vipers into one 90’s Model2 fighter pack. Please let this be the case…

    Oh and while you’re at it SEGA let’s have some Fighter’s Megamix and some Last Bronx in this party.

    It would also be nice to see some other arcade only games make it to live/PSN like Daytona USA2.

  4. Alexandre says:

    I’m loving all this 🙂
    They should release some sequels for their old games…
    I would love to see a new Alex Kidd, mayb with a 3D gameplay similar to the 3D Mario games(64, Sunshine, Galaxy)??

  5. Hitrax says:

    Hopefully they’ll re-release Dreamcast classics, Skies of Arcadia and/or Shenmue as well,
    it would be a bit short lived if the next SEGA HERITAGE bundle were just fighting games, welcome it would be and I’d buy them all, but fighting games, and these ones in particular, aren’t really known for lasting that long.

  6. Hitrax says:

    Been excellent so far any way,

    first we got re-releases for Sega Master System classics like Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy,

    then MegaDrive/Genesis classics like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe ect,

    and Saturn classics like Nights into Dreams and Guardian Heroes before that,

    then Dreamcast classics like Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio…

    So far so good…

    And particularly good also, that they are giving us decent ports as well and not the cheap tacky conversions with no proper widescreen ratio coupled with the upped HD resolution.

    Their ‘SEGA HERITAGE’ brand is living up to it’s good name so far.

    Maybe they’ll eventually start with their Arcade exclusives at some point too..

  7. Sigma says:

    Ugh, really sick of these constant rerelease’s, oh well. I’ll probably get Fighting Vipers in hopes that it leads to a 3rd game.

    No reason to get VF2 when VF5FS is around.

    • crackdude says:

      Yeah, Sega releasing games we love is so bad

    • Sigma says:

      Re-release’s don’t enrich gaming experience in the same way as a new release does.

    • Crackdude says:

      I prefer rereleases of great classics I never got to play than shitty movie licensed games. Sega has to make quick bucks somehow, this is the best way.

      You only buy if you want to, and new releases will come at their own pace regardless of these ports.

    • Sigma says:

      Implying that “shitty movie licensed games” is all SEGA is capable of releasing, besides re-releases.

      When a company’s line up consists 2/3 of older titles, it becomes hard to keep being interested in it. Especially when it’s dated titles, such as these.

    • AfterEights says:

      The reason SEGA is bringing out these re-releases is purely because of fan demand, and when they do bring them out, people like you complain that they are not concentrating on new games, but then when they do bring out new games, people say they should be like their classic games?……..?

      Look at it from Sega’s point of view, they can’t do every thing at once at the same time, they can only do what they can do while it fits the current market climate and if it is likely to turn a profit and minimise losses as much as possible, they are a business after all.

  8. cactus says:

    another re-release…

    • AfterEights says:

      Another re-release = Brilliant.

      You have to speculate to accumulate, and re-releasing classics is a good way to speculate and see if their is still interest in these franchises to consider further building them up with a further portfolio of related newer titles.

      They have already took too many risks on new franchises this generation that did not do as well as they should have like Mad World, Vanquish, Bayonetta and Binary Domain.

      So I would rather they keep this current trend going with the Sega Heritage brand, concentration on classics now and then while they speculate from the main Sega company on what to do next and what projects to follow up on.

  9. Amrith says:

    These games are good but… I’d prefer sequels and a lively Sega instead of a growing museum.

    • AfterEights says:

      Well this is why they are re-releasing them, to gauge whether there are people still interested in these titles enough to bother making newer sequels for them.

      It makes perfect business sense to re-release classics first to speculate before starting a whole brand new sequel with a much higher budget than a re-release from scratch when you don’t even know if it will do that well.

  10. Kazama says:

    Speaking about Sonic the Fighters, the game makes a little cameo in Wreck it Ralph.

  11. I’m not sure why there are complaints of re-releases out there. SEGA is poor and if they can scratch up some cash by releasing classic successful games onto the HD digital download domain more power to them.

    While new games are always welcomed, it’s not always successful. I loved Vanquish and Binary Domain to death but the general gaming community seemed to pass them up.

    If SEGA can get a new generation of fans hooked with their classics (not everyone is into buying up retro games/hardware) then we could see a second rising of SEGA. That would be nice…

  12. bob says:

    you guys stop being stupid, sega are releasing this instead of releasing shite like Iron man, thor and the golden compass.

    the teams capable of making great new titles are not working on these

  13. Hitrax says:

    The complaining here is unreal, this is what the REAL SEGA should be, not the cheap third party crap that they churn out every so often for the odd quick cash flow.

    You’d think people would be happy that SEGA are even giving these classic titles yet another chance.

    • cactus says:

      ” this is what the REAL SEGA should be” a cheap software house that cannot release new games anymore, thta can’t compare with the modern gaming world and try to survive with the nostalgia effect?

    • Hitrax says:

      What I meant by ‘This is what the real SEGA should be’ was by the style of games, rather than they cheap third party trash licenses – which are not what the real Sega is about, if they were, then they would be nothing more than another average, shitty, cheap, unknown third party house that only gets by on like two hugely successful IP’s and nothing else, where as SEGA’s well known and have so much heritage and past that people all admire.

      Obviously Sega needs to invest for the future too, but there seems to be two main camps associated with Sega, the first one wants Sega to remain true to how they originally were and the other is the ones who believe Sega should always create new IP, most of the strongest Sega fans happen to fall into the former rather than the latter.
      Now SEGA has supported both camps, they just finished with the new IP camp in March when they announced their new ambition to concentrate on what is already established before taking the plunge for new IP which time after time, has not performed as well as it should really have if their was any sense in the Videogame industry, and the biggest examples of that are new IP’s like Mad World, Bayonetta, Binary Domain and Vanquish, all criminally under-performed sales wise.
      So NOW, that Sega have altered their ambitions a bit, and decided to give their older IP more attention, amazingly, people still complain, which as I said, they can’t please both camps at they same time.
      This doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing new IP either though, the title ‘Hell Yeah!’ – being the very latest example of that.

  14. kenny says:

    i love it that sega is bringing out these clasics been hoping for Fighting Vipers and did not even dare to dream of Sonic The Fighters so im very happy that sega brings these games back and i hope thy keep dowing it i grew up on these games and to be abel to play all these games on 1 platform is great keep it up sega keep them coming

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