Rumor: Leaked Image shows Arcade1Up’s upcoming SEGA AM2 Fighting Games

Over on Reddit, a user named Smashingtime98, released a leaked image of Arcade1up’s upcoming arcade cabinet of games which features five SEGA AM2 fighting games. The list of games included is Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters.

While the arcade cabinet is not officially confirmed by Arcade1up, we will keep an eye out for more details when it’s available. In the meantime, Arcade1up is also working on arcade cabinet featuring Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder and more AM1 classics to be released soon.

PlayStation Now adds 13 SEGA Games to streaming line-up

Sony has announced that they are celebrating ‘SEGA & Sonic Month’ over on PlayStation Now by adding 13 SEGA titles to its streaming line-up. If you don’t know what PlayStation Now is, its basically a pay-per-month service that allows you to stream titles on a number of devices including PC, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 4 and other smart appliances. Since the service uses ‘the cloud’, you’ll be able to play on one device and pick up where you left off on another. PlayStation Now is a great concept but I only recommend it if you have really fast and stable internet.

These are the 13 SEGA titles that are now available to stream on PlayStation Now this month:

  • Alex Kidd in the Miracle World
  • Altered Beast
  • Comix Zone
  • Fighting Vipers
  • Golden Axe
  • Revenge of Shinobi
  • Sega Bass Fishing
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Sonic the Fighters
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Super Hang-on
  • Virtua Fighter 2

If you think your ISP is fast and stable enough to stream playable games, you can give the service a try with Sony’s seven-day free trial. A bit weird that they added SEGA Genesis titles to the service, I would have assumed they would have tried getting more full fledged games like Vanquish, Binary Domain and other bigger titles. What are your thoughts on PlayStation Now?

SEGABits Gaming Community NiGHTS featuring MODEL 2 Collection

SBGCN Model 2 Collection
Featured in our next gaming community night on SEGABits is AM2’s finest arcade fighters supported by the SEGA MODEL 2 hardware. We will hosting each game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on XBLA this week after Thanksgiving. During the event, we will be posting references of each game including Fighters Megamix on Twitter. Just add “KoriSX15” on Xbox Live and I will be sure to add you. Want to suggest some more SEGA titles to play in our next Gaming Community NiGHTS? Be sure to comment below or visit our forums. Hit the jump for the schedule.

NiGHTS, Sonic the Fighters and more on sale on XBLA this week


XBLA has a great deal this week on select Sega games. You can pick up NiGHTS and Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for 400 points($5), or Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers and Vitrua Fighter 2 for a measly 160 points($2)! The sale is just until the end of the week, so if there’s any you’re missing out on, now’s your best chance.

MODEL 2 COLLECTION: AM2 Fighters now available on PSN & XBLA

Today is a great day to be a SEGA arcade lover of the 90’s. The three legendary AM2 fighters that ran on the MODEL 2 hardware is now available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for only $4.99 (400 MSP) each. Also, for those who are wondering about an option to change the screen size, there is an option to do that under “Settings” from 4:3 to full. I’ve just played it this morning and they are all way better than the original ports from the Sega Ages 2500 line and Gems Collection. Hope they sell well because I want some of that The House of the Dead and Dynamite Cop on my home console. Anyone up for some matches this weekend?

SEGA’s releasing 3 fighting game ports: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters this week

SEGA will be releasing three Model 2 fighting games this week: Virtua Fighter 2Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters. All three are ports are of retro titles, a couple of them can be considered ‘classics’. Sonic the Fighters is probably not known well enough to be a classic, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. In the United States the titles drop tomorrow on PSN and Wednesday on XBLA. Which games will you be getting?

Sega finally announces the AM2 collection for LIVE/PSN in America and Europe

‘Bout time! (Sorry George, I stole your joke.)

If anyone was still wondering when the first half of the AM2 collection was coming out, wonder no more. Sega has finally announced the American and Europe release dates for Virtua fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters. This trio of powerful polygon punchers will arrive in North America on 11/27 (PSN) and Europe on 11/28 (360). Europe will receive the PSN version on 12/5. The games will be a mere $4.99 (NA) or 4.49 (Europe) each. Click below to read the full press release.

Sonic Talk 14: “Heathcliff and Felix All Stars Podcasting Transformed”

An early show this week as we are just two days away from the release of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed! With that in mind, I talked to Brand Manager Aaron Webber with some final questions on the game that I didn’t get to ask Steve Lycett. I also talk with him about Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on the Vita and the upcoming Anarchy Reigns. We have a shorter show this week due to everyone’s schedule, but Alex, GX and I still get in some chat about Paper Mario Sticker Star, The sonic Super Digest book and veer off topic on Felix the Cat and Heathcliff for some crazy reason (Which drives GX nuts).


Read on for the full list of topics discussed.

Sonic the Fighters Achievements Revealed

The achievements for the HD rerelease of Sonic the Fighters have been revealed, and they seem rather easy to attain. I’m sure plenty of folks would get all the achievements within minutes. There are a total of 12 achievements to earn, and all together are worth 400 gamerscore points. I wish there was a Super Sonic achievement to make it a bit more challenging. Hit the jump to see the achievements.

Model 2 collection confirmed. STF with playable Eggman, Metal Sonic and….Honey the Cat!!

UPDATE: The three Model 2 Fighters (VF2, FV, STF) will be bundled for $15 on PSN. Those three come out this fall and the other two are “Winter 2013” These are Japanese dates so no official dates for America/Europe yet.

HOLY S@#$!!

Remember when the rumor of this was first leaked and I asked Sega for a playable Honey the Cat? My wish came true!

Coming this fall through winter (to Japan at least) is a Model 2 Collection. five of Sega’s classic Model 2 games retailing roughly around 800MS Points ($10) each while if the translation is correct, PSN gets a 3-pack for $15. Some games prices are not known yet. This is a rough translation. Games included are…

Virtua Fighter 2
Sonic the Fighters
Virtua Striker
Fighting vipers
Virtual On

It is unknown what bonus features will be included at this time except for the 3 newly playable characters in Sonic The fighters. It appears that through a poor translation, most if not all five games should have online, though it’s not 100% confirmed. UPDATE: OFFICIAL SITE CONFIRMS VF2, FIGHTING VIPERS AND STF TO HAVE 2-PLAYER ONLINE! Did Sega hire a wish-granting Genie? rough translation after the jump. Also, you can check out the official site here.

Spot some classic SEGA arcade cabinets in the latest Wreck-It Ralph trailer

Wreck-It Ralph is becoming one of our best sources for SEGA in the Media. In the latest trailer for the movie, the opening scene features a shot of the arcade changing over the years. In blink and you’ll miss them cameos, three classic SEGA arcade cabinets appear and disappear in the arcade as time passes. Check out the intro to the trailer above and see what games you can spot. After the break, we’ll spoil them for you.

Rumor: Sonic The Fighters, Fighting Vipers, and VF2 coming to XBLA?

From Sonic Stadium comes a big rumor about a trio of Sega 3-D fighting games headed to XBLA. Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2. On this schedule page, you can see that these games are in the rumored section due to them being rated and with a screenshot included. It will be very interesting to see if this holds true. Could this be a new Sega Heritage 3-pack with fighting games as the theme? Hey Sega, how about finally unlocking Honey the Cat in Sonic Fighters and making her fully playable without a hack? Or better yet, how about “buy all three and unlock fighters Megamix”?! I know that would get me to buy them all.