Spot some classic SEGA arcade cabinets in the latest Wreck-It Ralph trailer

Wreck-It Ralph is becoming one of our best sources for SEGA in the Media. In the latest trailer for the movie, the opening scene features a shot of the arcade changing over the years. In blink and you’ll miss them cameos, three classic SEGA arcade cabinets appear and disappear in the arcade as time passes. Check out the intro to the trailer above and see what games you can spot. After the break, we’ll spoil them for you.

Sonic the Fighters

Yup! AM2’s Sonic the Fighters appears in the arcade briefly on the right side, before moving to the far back moments later. This could explain why Sonic and Eggman appear in the movie, though it doesn’t explain their design change. Unless, of course, a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing cabinet is elsewhere in the movie’s arcade.

The House of the Dead

While we’ve known of Cyril the axe zombie appearing in the bad guy meeting scene, what we didn’t know was that the arcade classic The House of the Dead makes an appearance. They even got the details like the guns!

Virtua Cop

Also making an appearance, way in the background, is another SEGA rail shooter: the original Virtua Cop. The game is difficult to make out, but it is definitely it. As the scene ends, time slows down and you can clearly see the title screen for a few seconds.


4 responses to “Spot some classic SEGA arcade cabinets in the latest Wreck-It Ralph trailer

  1. Centrale says:

    Good eyes! Also, the U.S. release of Frogger was manufactured by Sega (although originally developed by Konami).

  2. Pira says:

    WOW! Those cabinets look GREAT!! LOVE how good that House of the Dead one looks.

  3. Pira says:

    Actually, looking at the House of the Dead shot again, is that Knuckles in the background? It looks like Knuckles and the Sonic logo in the center…

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