Vanquish gets re-released on PSN, bundled with DLC

Vanquish has been re-released on the Japanese Playstation Network, this time it is bundled with all the DLC for the not so low price of 3,600 yen ($46). No word if the game will have a similar release on the US or EU PSN.

What DLC does it include? The limited Weapons pack that was a pre-order item. I guess its not so exciting news.


3 responses to “Vanquish gets re-released on PSN, bundled with DLC

  1. segaismysavior says:

    Any news about Vanquish is good news. Unless it’s cleared from all shevles/shops and never heard from again.

  2. Radrappy says:

    seriously. This is one great game. It basically restored my faith in modern games by focusing on what matters: fun.

  3. STORM! says:

    Despite the fact that the game is not accessible… it is on there for download but not listed on the “What’s new” corner.

    When you try to acces the page for buy it, it says that you can’t access this content with that account.

    Kinda weird, and I think that nobody can download it yet.

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