Jet Set Radio Vita free for PSN Plus Members on 11/20

Jet Set Radio will finally be out on Playstation Vita November 20th, but if you’re a member of Playstation Plus, the game will be free*. This is done to help promote Playstation Plus’ debut on Vita. Jet Set radio is only one of six free* games that will be available next week. The other games include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2040, Final Fantasy Tactics and the awesome Mutant Blobs Attack.

*Free, outside of the $50 a year and the fact that if you stop being a member, you no longer own the games and they’ll no longer work.



5 responses to “Jet Set Radio Vita free for PSN Plus Members on 11/20

  1. Geed says:

    Games no longer work if you stop being a member, eh? I was worried Sony forgot how to be douches. EA or Activision would have reminded them anyway.

    • Voldo X says:

      @ Geed
      Thats right. But wen you extend your subscription even if there are several months between the old game released again.

      Sorry for the bad english.

    • pcwzrd13 says:

      Well what do you expect? You need to think of it like Netflix for games. You don’t get to keep the movies you get from Netflix after you cancel your subscription now do you? I personally think Playstation Plus is a fantastic value! Between discounts, extra features, early access, and free games, it’s well worth the asking price!

  2. Shigs says:

    Sony’s PS Plus is a great service and if you don’t have it, you can still get onlne and use their apps. Unlike LIVE which keeps all online services from you (including Netflix and Hulu) unless you pay $60 a year.

    Playstation Plus is a service, LIVE is ransom.

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