Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U day-one patch predicament


UPDATE 2: Nuckles87 here. I’ve finally gotten to what I believe is the fourth and last boost challenge of the main career mode, and the glitch is preset in that one two. This means that 3 of the 4 are affected.

UPDATE: Nuckles87 Says that this only affects the first two boost challenges.

New Wii U owners may not want to update too fast. It seems Sega’s first patch for Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed has a glitch in it that stops all boost challenges from having checkpoints. Leaving you with no other choice but to fail the mission, which leaves you stuck. However, there are some ways around it.

Play while it’s updating and finish the challenge. There’s no guarantee that there won’t be another glitched challenge, but it will get you past that. Editor Nuckles87 has discovered that if you fail the mission four times on easy, it will let you pass to the next challenge.

If you just got your brand new Wii U, I’d recommend holding off on doing the system update until this game breaking issue gets a new patch of its own.


11 responses to “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U day-one patch predicament

  1. jingoi says:

    1.Good thing I’m buying the 360 version
    2. Advantage of waiting to buy a Wii U- I get to avoid the launch console bugs.

  2. Amrith says:

    Patch or not.

  3. segaga says:

    still getting wii u version,you can play it on the gamepad as well as the screen. Thats just freaking awesome..

  4. segaismysavior says:

    I’m stunned why Nintendo thought a 5GB system update on launch day was a good idea… especially if it’s altering games.

  5. Shigs says:

    No way in hell that was 5GB. It would take much longer than 40 minutes if that were the case.

  6. SonicFFVII says:

    why did you have to tell me now >.< i was stuck on that all day now i have to wait for them to fix it before i can play it again

  7. -nSega54- says:

    Sega is aware of the problem, we’ll see how quickly it takes them to patch it.

  8. -nSega54- says:

    By the way, the first Boost stage worked fine for me. The 2nd one, though, indeed, has no checkpoints.

  9. Chaos9051 says:

    Got my copy of ASRT in the mail today. Game is amazing. Haven’t tried out the OutRun track but seems like an okay piece of DLC from what I’ve seen.

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