Japanese Virtual On Force commercial

Microsoft has a new series of commercials rolling out in Japan. They are all based around this X character which has an Xbox symbol for his head… Yeah I don’t get it either but there you go.

It seems there is already one for Virtual-On Force. You gotta admit Temjin looks pretty cool in CGI!

Co-Worker1: This thing sure got delivered beautifully!
Co-Worker2: Is this shoe Italian?

Co-Worker1: Hey you! I told you not to use oil on it!
Xboxman: X! (subtitled: I am sorry)

Co-Worker1: How about you big-project-fella?
Co-Worker1: No answer huh? haha!

Narrator: Virtual On is in its way for Xbox.
Co-Worker2: That thing is great!


3 responses to “Japanese Virtual On Force commercial

  1. Orta says:

    Video gone.

  2. Sharky says:


  3. I like X head. Wish he was in American commercials!

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