Rumor: Skies of Arcadia HD announcement on its way?

We’ve heard rumblings about it for a little while now; from a not-so-crpytic comment out of SEGA Europe to a trademark renewal last Summer, so it’s nice to see another piece of evidence heading our way courtesy of the German version of Gamereactor Magazine.

Given the popularity of the magazine throughout Europe, it seems like a fairly legitimate source, but of course, pending an official announcement, this one’s being filed under rumor for now.

What would you like to see in a Skies of Arcadia HD?


16 responses to “Rumor: Skies of Arcadia HD announcement on its way?

  1. CrazyTails says:

    oh my god. I just have to replay this 🙂

  2. sth88 says:

    This is a day one purchase for me, if it’s real

  3. Geed says:

    Oh, please make it so, Sega.

  4. As long as it gets the JSR treatment, I’m in. Widescreen, improved loading, Dreamcast quality sound, all the extra content from Legends, and possibly 2 modes original and remix which would have some improved random battle timing.

    Hopefully an official announcement or leaked screenshots surface soon enough.

  5. Paul Vincent says:

    Hell yeah, this is great news!!!!!!!

  6. segaismysavior says:

    Every 3D game/franchise featured in All-Star Racing that isn’t available on current consoles damn sure needs the HD treatment that JSR got. Make it so.

  7. celsowm says:

    Hey Guys !!! Based on the interview of march, If Skies of Arcadia will be re-released then Shenmue HD have a strong chance, alright?

    • Pira says:

      EXACTLY! That’s what I was thinking when I read this, as the person mentioned Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue HD ports, so if this really is true we have high hopes for Shenmue.

  8. radrappy says:

    here’s hoping this paves the way for a proper sequel. I’m tired of re-releases.

  9. Hitrax says:

    I sincerely hope it’s the Dreamcast original, and not the downgraded Legends port that cam to the GC, yes I know it had a few extras and so on, but I prefer the Dreamcast’s uncensored ver with superior sound quality.

    They could make the Legends pack a DLC like they did with the other Dreamcast re-releases like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    Eh? the GC version didn’t have any extra censoring. The DC version (in the West) was censored to begin with, changing alcohol to fruit juice….

  11. JCT says:

    I’d really like this for PS Vita, personally.

  12. Skateboard says:

    I would like to see it happen, because it is a good game. I would also like to see more SEGA RPGs (Resonance of Fate 2, Shining Series…) and especially more from Valkyria Chronicles in the West. ^^ According to the insider in this article, who assures this rumour to be true, SOA HD is coming in the near future.

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