SEGA of Japan launches SEGA Archives site

Just today, one of the SEGA producers who is in charge of bringing back many classic games that we all know and love has launched a new Sega website called “” . It’s a web portal of all 150 titles available for digital services and a pretty neat web design too. The site includes digital games from the SEGA AGES Online line-up to the MODEL2 Collection. Just looking at all the games in one site brings back good SEGA memories I had back in the day. I hope we can get more games like Virtua Cop & Sakura Taisen next. Check out the site here with a click on the link.


4 responses to “SEGA of Japan launches SEGA Archives site

  1. mylifewithsega says:

    My God, really?! What are the chances they’ll launch it here in America?

  2. Kori-Maru says:

    Looks like there’s no current public plans to launch a site like this for other countries. Hopefully Sega Japan can contact West in order to keep up.

  3. Trippled says:

    This proves Sega of Japan>Sega West

    They bothered localizing western games like Hell Yeah and Renegade Ops, but Sega West basicilly ignores Japanese exclusive games, unless there is HUGE demands for it.

    Also the Interviews are neat. Nintendo always translate their Iwata asks stuff. Sega should do the same.

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