SEGA Tunes: Astal’s “Let Me Try Again!” and “River of Dreams”

Astal is a severely underrated game, even by Saturn standards. Even when people talk about the great underappreciated games, discussion of Astal never really seems to come up. It’s not hard to imagine why: Astal was an unapologetically two dimensional game released in an era when games that weren’t pushing polygons or where at the very least pre-rendered were all but ignored. That’s a crying shame, because Astal is not only a beautiful and well-crafted platformer, but also plays host to an awesome soundtrack.

The Japanese vocalized opening posted above was only the tip of the iceberg. Astal is a game loaded with spectacular tunes, which we will be featuring more of later in the year. Perhaps during a certain themed month of a certain console? Who knows!

Check below the fold for another awesome track from the game, “River of Dreams”.


One response to “SEGA Tunes: Astal’s “Let Me Try Again!” and “River of Dreams”

  1. stang2712 says:

    i remember when i saw hard for games cover this game it was quite rad

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