Mario, found hiding inside SEGA Saturn game, is detained without fight

The console wars have ended. After years of searching, Mario has been found and detained.

Via Twitter user Yoshino comes the bizarre discovery of an image of Mario hidden within the files of the SEGA Saturn game Astal. Yoshino writes: “It is discovered that an image that seems to be Mario was hidden in 0xFE90 of APT.BIN on the disk.” This isn’t the first time weird images have been hidden within old SEGA games, in fact the Sonic Twitter account recently referenced a hidden image from Sonic CD, referred to as “Spooky Sonic”, in a piece of Halloween art.

Check out the full image after the break!

SEGA Tunes: Astal’s “Let Me Try Again!” and “River of Dreams”

Astal is a severely underrated game, even by Saturn standards. Even when people talk about the great underappreciated games, discussion of Astal never really seems to come up. It’s not hard to imagine why: Astal was an unapologetically two dimensional game released in an era when games that weren’t pushing polygons or where at the very least pre-rendered were all but ignored. That’s a crying shame, because Astal is not only a beautiful and well-crafted platformer, but also plays host to an awesome soundtrack.

The Japanese vocalized opening posted above was only the tip of the iceberg. Astal is a game loaded with spectacular tunes, which we will be featuring more of later in the year. Perhaps during a certain themed month of a certain console? Who knows!

Check below the fold for another awesome track from the game, “River of Dreams”.

SEGA Sequel Saturdays: Astal

[Special Note: Today’s screens are from the website MobyGames and VGChartz. Due to Astal’s age and obscurity, MobyGames’ own screen captures are the most extensive collection available. For now.]

This week’s Sequel Saturday is going to be somewhat different from past entries. For one, this article will be asking for a remake, not a sequel. Rather than asking for sweeping changes in game play, I will be addressing things I would like to see improved in an Astal remake, and how I’d like it to be sold. Now let’s get started, shall we?