Nintendo Direct shows off behind-the-scenes footage of Bayonetta 2

Nintendo streamed another Nintendo Direct today, and briefly touched on Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. While not much of the game was shown off in a finished state, a lot of behind the scenes footage was shown including wireframe models, concept art and a peek at Bayonetta in a new outfit and sporting blue guns. It was also mentioned that the game will kick off with a scenario that gives the feeling of fighting the final boss of a game. Unfortunately, SEGA did not get a mention, aside from a logo at the end of the trailer, which personally made me a bit sad. Bayonetta 2 might very well be an awesome title, but it is looking to be much more of a Nintendo/Platinum Games effort with SEGA only attached by way of owning the IP.

The Bayonetta 2 segment begins at 19:25 in the video above.


10 responses to “Nintendo Direct shows off behind-the-scenes footage of Bayonetta 2

  1. Gagaman says:

    Why would they get a mention outside of their logo? There was some nods to Sega games in the first game, but even if there were some in this they wouldn’t show them this early.

    TBH, if Sega wanted more than just a logo at the end of trailers they should of thought about that before cancelling the game. Nintendo is picking up the pieces that they smashed on the floor.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending whatever SEGA did to lose Bayonetta, I’m just a bit melancholy about it. Like I said, the game will still be made at the same standards as the first, I just personally enjoyed the SEGA connections in the first game and fear that these sorts of things will be lost in the sequel.

      I’ll admit, though, that I wouldn’t mind Nintendo references. An F-Zero nod would be really cool.

  2. Crazytails says:

    Platinum games is doing an amazing job making the wii u apealing.

  3. randroid says:

    I was surprised to see the Sega logo at all.

    This trailer is pushing me to not get this game. This is the only WiiU game I’m remotely interested in and one game doesn’t justify a console purchase.

    A new Bayonetta not published by Sega, released on current gen specs, with goofy WiiU specific gameplay (you know they’re gonna force that in somehow), means skip this one and wait for when/if Sega publishes 3 on true next gen hardware.

  4. The only thing I liked about the first one was the SEGA references. If it’s not a SEGA game, and I have to buy a whole console for it, this isn’t good enough.

    • SkyBlue says:

      Don’t be offended, but if you bought Bayonetta for just the SEGA references then you clearly have a limited appeal in games.

      I liked Bayonetta, but even as a SEGA game, it wasn’t something I thought was the best hack/slash/beat em up ever.

      Happy to see it’s getting a sequel, just be grateful that it still exists unlike most of SEGA’s IPs…

      Again, not buying Bayonetta because “SEGA” is not plastered on it is very petty/fanboy crazy indeed.

  5. inthesky says:

    Not solely in the interest of stirring the pot, but because I have no idea that this happened, but did Sega really lose Bayonetta the franchise / Bayonetta 2 or did they cancel it and Nintendo revived it or something? I’ve heard jokes about Bayonetta 2 being cancelled but most of the time I’d read them after the game was already announced.

    • Randroid says:

      Sega owns the Bayonetta IP.

      Platinum had started development on it when Sega informed them that they could not publish it at this time (financial restructuring).

      Platinum shopped around and Nintendo voiced interest in publishing.

      Sega has licensed it to Nintendo for publishing purposes this one time, while maintaining an “advisory role” (may just be a formality).

  6. Nux says:

    SEGA didn’t lose Bayonetta, but they did cancel Bayonetta 2, which Nintendo then apparently resurrected.

  7. Kevin-N says:

    @ Nux

    That’s a good thing right, otherwhise the game never had seen the daylight. Maybe if SEGA does it with Shenmue, than whe maybe get a Shenmue 3. I see it all before me, all the SEGA ip’s on a Nintendo console exclusive. And put the SEGA logo on the wii u something like dolby digital. I personaly think it would be great. But i don’t mean it like the two company’s fuse, but only work together for exclusive. The two company’s would be a great combination and a strong game line up.

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