Aaron Webber to host Behind the Scenes of Sonic the Hedgehog panel at AOD 2013

The Sonic Stadium is reporting that Sonic Brand Manager Aaron Webber, also known as Ruby Eclipse on various social platforms, will be hosting a panel at Animation On Display 2013 entitled “Super Sonic: Behind the Scenes of Sonic the Hedgehog”. The panel is described as follows:

Explore the rise, fall, and recent resurgence of Sonic the Hedgehog in games and other media. An in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at Sonic’s creation, his rise to fame in the early 90′s, and his transition into 3D and the present day. Bring your questions and your passion for Sonic – all are welcomed! With Aaron Webber, Brand Manager, SEGA America

The event itself takes place from February 16th-17th at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, CA. The Sonic panel takes place on Saturday February 16th at 3pm PST in the Live Events 1 room. Early registration closes today, and tickets can be purchased here. Many fans are speculating that the next Sonic title will be revealed at the event, and this lines up with a rumor that the next main series Sonic title will be revealed mid-February. It is also important to note that Ken Pontac, the writer responsible for co-writing Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, will also be at AOD 2013 and early materials list Ken as a writer for an upcoming Sonic game.

Update: Aaron has clarified for us on Twitter just what to expect from the panel: “Like the title and description read, it’s a look at Sonic’s history, from creation to now. No new game announcements – sorry! :)”


One response to “Aaron Webber to host Behind the Scenes of Sonic the Hedgehog panel at AOD 2013

  1. Monty says:

    There probably won’t be a Sonic game announcement till E3.

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