Sonic Talk #22 Getting fat from eating your black hearts

We got some communications problems in this weeks Sonic Talk. Makes for some humorous moments though. In this episode, we talk about the latest movies we’ve seen and our time at the San Diego Comic Con. We also talk about the controversy surrounding the dark, violent dialogue in Sonic Lost World and speaking of dark dialogue, Alex goes on a rant about Ken Penders and the Ouya.

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What we’ve been up to:

  • Games: (Animal Crossing New Leaf, More Monster Hunter)
  • Movies: Pacific Rim, The Wolverine
  • Also, our experience at Comic Con.


  • Sonic Lost World Rated E10+ for “aggressive language” This is from the Sonic Colors guys?
  • Speaking of Lost World, we got a look at Frozen Factory. Our Thoughts.
  • Ken Penders interview States both he and Archie can both use his characters. What does this mean?
  • Ian Flynn interview. The fate of Scourge and Fiona? “Keep reading” Series will still use old cannon.

Comic Talk:

  • “World’s Collide” Wrap Up.

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