Summer of Sonic website opens

Summer of Sonic is a yearly event for Sonic fans, sponsored by SEGA and ran by the guys over at Sonic Stadium and Sonic Wrecks. I have been told the event has nothing to do with Summer of Sam and that I watch too many serial killer related movies. Sort of disappointed now.

The guys have launched the Summer of Sonic site, which gives you more information on the event. You can’t register yet.


4 responses to “Summer of Sonic website opens

  1. Orta says:

    London again I assume?

  2. Sharky says:

    I should think so.

  3. matty says:

    Here's where they held it last year:
    Geez, speaking of serial killers, that looks like the perfect place to hide your stash…

    Spike Lee should direct it, have Tails be the one talking to a dysfunctional postman into killing badniks in Casino Night Zone.

  4. I await a NYC event. Sonic or Sega, I'm not picky!

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