My Life with SEGA returns from Yokosuka with a very special Shenmue review

Shenmue. Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece has become something of legend. It completely redifined a genre and showed gamers around the world that Dreamcast was more than just a pretty face….

More than a decade later, the game retains a rabid cult following and fans cry out for a continuation to this incredible series. But is Shenmue truly worthy of all this praise? Should this title be revered? Watch and learn, my dear viewers.

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11 responses to “My Life with SEGA returns from Yokosuka with a very special Shenmue review

  1. Shensonic says:

    You sound a bit ill yo

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Yeah, I had a cold when I recorded the narration. On top of that, I smoke like a chimney. LOL!

    • betablocker says:

      I think the voice works really well for the review. Gives it more depth and sincerity.

      Anyway I personally want an evolved Shenmue experience for next gen/current gen rather than closure. The conclusion to Ryo’s journey is not nearly as important as the journey.

  2. Eli says:

    Sweet review! but it did have a somewhat sad overtone.

    Are you using a third party Jump Pack?!

    • mylifewithsega says:

      Hehe. Heard that a bit over on YouTube. Yeah, I suppose it has a somber tone. Back then, shortly after I had finished Shenmue, SEGA announced that they were retiring the Dreamcast. It kinda’ tainted the whole experience for me.

      SEGA consoles had been a part of my life since I was 5-years old. My mom, brother and I would kind of bond over video games, playing games like Columns, General Chaos, etc. To think there wouldn’t be another SEGA console….I felt like something had vanished.

      It is a third-part Jump Pack, unfortunately. The Amazon auction labeled it as official, but that’s what I got in the mail. I wasn’t pleased.

  3. straitJacket says:

    I also thought your vocals sounded weathered, never mind though as I also smoke like a trooper.

    I would say that playing with the D-pad suits the nature of the games.
    As you said the analogue stick is used for exploring the intricacies of your environment.
    Also if you consider that it uses the Virtua Fighter engine (movement controlled by the D-pad) and QTEs, it would be a little jarring to switch from the analogue stick to the D-pad every time those play styles cropped up.
    Anyway, you can keep your finger on the trigger to run and tap the D-pad and it’s barely an issue.

  4. jimi Andreas says:

    Shenmue was too evolved for the mass market.Most of the questions my friends had when they saw it were”can u walk up and hit people?”However maybe it’s had time to sink into the conscience of a now more mature gaming audience.(maybe they’ll finally ask themselves”what is shenmue?”:

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