SEGA announces Sonic Dash for iOS


SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Dash will be releasing to the App Store “soon” and has confirmed that the game is developed by Hardlight and will be an endless-runner in which you challenge friends to beat your best distance and time records. For now, all we have is the above image as well as a larger render, seen after the break. As soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it!

Update: The SEGA Blog posted a short article on the game, most interesting is that the game is said to be in 3D. So, unlike Sonic Jump, could the game feature fully rendered 3D characters and worlds?

How long can you run?

That’s the question you get to answer now: SEGA is proud to announce Sonic Dash — the agile, endless, running mobile game will be available soon at the App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad!

Our hero will be doing what he does best — making a fast and frenzied 3D dash through stunning stages, as he navigates over, around, and through interminable dangers. Challenge your friends and compete on leaderboards — you may know who the fastest is, but, for how long?

Stay tuned to find out more!



6 responses to “SEGA announces Sonic Dash for iOS

  1. Shigs says:

    Sheesh! That’s…..that’s a mouth full of teeth right there. Actually, it looks like he has a white mouthpiece in because those teeth have no detail to them at all.

  2. Monty says:

    His pose with his hands look so weird.

  3. Shigs says:

    The more I look at it, the worse that stock art is. His arms are so far back, you could photoshop a wrestler putting him in a submission hold. XD

  4. Kevin-N says:

    As much that i like Sonic, this i don’t play ! Just because i don’t like playing on a cell phone or related stuff. It just not my thing, the touch screen gameplay, no i want some real buttons. I prefer a Nintendo 3DS.

  5. Darkshortyx says:

    I’m all for touch screen games if they are the rhythm game genre XD.

    His arms are too far back. I just hope it’s better than temple run and/or other running games.

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