First4Figures releases Ryo Hazuki statue teaser trailer – “Let’s get sweaty.”

Via our friends at the Shenmue Dojo comes a short, but sweet, teaser trailer for the first non-Sonic SEGA statue from First4FiguresShenmue star Ryo Hazuki! Standing roughly a foot tall (final height has yet to be shared), Ryo is in his classic “wanna wrestle?” pose. First4Figures have also shared, via their Facebook page and in the trailer above, that more non-Sonic SEGA characters will be made into statues in the future, as part of a new SEGA All-Stars range. Who do you want to see? Ulala, Vyse, Orta, and Beat are on my wish list for sure.


5 responses to “First4Figures releases Ryo Hazuki statue teaser trailer – “Let’s get sweaty.”

  1. straitJacket says:

    The face looks to be an improvement when compared to the previous teaser image – although that could be due to the lighting.
    The jeans look fantastic, although the hands aren’t as jarringly hyper detailed as they were in the game.
    I wonder if they will release two versions of this statue as they’ve done before, usually incorporating lighting, not sure how they would implement that, although their worms exclusive statue had interchangeable weaponry (maybe Ryo will have an array of collectables, gashapon toys and the like, but the clenched fists would suggest otherwise).

  2. TB says:

    SEGA All-Stars range? Now we’re talking.

    I’m all for a Vyse figure. I’d especially be down for a Phantasy Star character (or monster), from the classic or PSO series.

  3. batfax says:

    A whole Sega line? Yes, yes, YES.

    Here’s hoping for Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star.

  4. Sparkster24 says:

    I’m quite interested on collecting some of those anytime soon, as long as it’s not too expensive.. then i’m worth to plan on buying them anytime soon.

    I would love to see characters like, NiGHTS, Alex Kidd, Ristar, Joe Musashi, Vectorman, and maybe Gilius as one of them anytime soon (AiAi is sorta obvious though).

  5. IrishNinja says:

    oh man…should i be worried about these selling out? cant wait to see the final version/price in a few days…and yeah, some great suggestions so far; i’d be down for Space Harrier or Opa-Opa as well!

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