First 4 Figures Sonic Generations diorama up for pre-order, prices revealed

First 4 Figures latest line of Sonic statues departs from the Modern or Classic designations for a theme dubbed The Sonic Diorama Collection. Promising to “celebrate iconic scenes from Sonic’s amazingly diverse history”, the first of these diorama statues features Modern and Classic Sonic rolling around at the speed of sound through City Escape in Sonic Generations. The statue is now up for pre-order, with an exclusive edition featuring illuminated sparks and ramp for $329.99, limited to 450 pieces. The standard edition lacks the lights and is $299.99, limited to 1,000 pieces. Both are estimated to release on the second quarter of 2014.

While the first of these dioramas is quite attractive, as with previous First 4 Figures Sonic statues, the price is ever going up as each new statue is revealed. The first Sonic statue, released in 2009, featured Sonic in his classic design on a Green Hill base for $129.99. The most recent Sonic statue, featuring Shadow, in the exclusive form was $229.99. By comparison, this new diorama is a $100 increase from the last statue, and a $200 increase from the first of the Sonic statues. What do you all think? Is $300+ worth it for this new statue? What Sonic diorama’s would you like to see in the future?


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