First 4 Figures teases Ryo Hazuki statue

First 4 Figures, makers of the many Sonic the Hedgehog statues, has revealed a teaser for a Shenmue Ryo Hazuki statue. The teaser, which can be seen in full after the break, shows Ryo in his iconic “wanna wrestle?” pose. Price and size have yet to be known, but given F4F’s past releases, this statue could go from $130+ and could reach 12 inches tall. Some fans have noted that Ryo’s face seems off. It could just be the lighting, or perhaps Ryo has changed a little since we last saw him in Shenmue 2. The statue’s announcement follows the release of Insert Coin’s Ryo Hazuki jacket hoodie and t-shirt, as well as Ryo’s cameo in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and his win in the All-Stars Racing DLC character poll spearheaded by fans. Could all this be building towards Shenmue 1&2 HD in 2013? After the break, the full statue teaser image.


4 responses to “First 4 Figures teases Ryo Hazuki statue

  1. ptpattycakes says:

    WOW that is amazing!! Can’t wait to get my hands on that piece of art!

  2. Kevin-N says:

    Nice, i hope that i can buy it 😉

  3. ricerictwice says:

    I want this but honestly it looks nothing like him in game. It says early 2013 so I worry that this is a final design and it is not accurate at all. Definitely not worth the high asking price that it will surely be.

  4. dude says:

    very realistic, ryo looks 13 years older.

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