Super-Hang-on 20th Anniversary Soundtrack now available on Amazon, iTunes


I’ve got some great news for anyone who loves some classic SEGA arcade tunes: SEGA’s Super Hang-On 20th Anniversary collection is now available on Amazon and iTunes! Just hop onto either digital service and buy the whole thing for a paltry $9.99.

There are 18 tracks on the collection. You can find the entire track list below the fold. You can expect Tuesday Tunes to feature some of these tracks over the course of the year!

01. [H.] Ver – -. Theme ~ HANG-ON ~ love
02.Title – HANG-ON
03.Main Theme – HANG-ON
04.Goal – HANG-ON
05.Name Entry – HANG-ON
06.Title – SUPER HANG-ON
07.Outride a Crisis – SUPER HANG-ON
08.Sprinter – SUPER HANG-ON
09.Winning Run – SUPER HANG-ON
10.Hard Road – SUPER HANG-ON
12. SUPER HANG-ON – name Entry
Cool Riders – theme of love 13.HANG-ON
14.Outride a Crisis-Mickey Ver -.
15.Sprinter-Mickey Ver -.
16.Winning Run-Mickey Ver -.
17.Hard Road – Mickey Ver -.
18.Title – HANG-ON – [H.]


4 responses to “Super-Hang-on 20th Anniversary Soundtrack now available on Amazon, iTunes

  1. Mengels7 says:

    *hugs $50 import CD* I still love you

  2. Mengels7 says:

    I still love you *hugs $50 import CD*

    • Mengels7 says:

      Damned comments made me think I couldn’t have it the first way and it didn’t post…you can delete the duplicate…

  3. matthew says:

    Thanks for posting! I hadn’t realized Sega was re-releasing old soundtracks in MP3 format (I see Space Harrier is on Amazon too).

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