Swingin’ Report Show #43: Of Mice and Mobile Games

This week on the Swingin’ Report Show we have the startling George, the noble Barry the Nomad and the surprising Shigs (from Sonic Talk). This week we discuss mouses, zombie filled houses and a ton of other cute SEGA related bits. Sit back, hit play and enjoy the show!

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  • What we have been up to, playing and watching

SEGA News:

  •  Ecco the Dolphin creator dives into The Big Blue on Kickstarter
  •  GDC 2013: Sonic the Hedgehog remastered releasing to iOS and Android in Spring 2013
  •  Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a full on remake, hows them feels?
  • SEGA Pluto, your thoughts?
  • Rest in Peace, SEGA Studios Australia. Games they created: Medieval II: Total War (Kingdoms expansion) , Stormrise and London 2012™ – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games.

Site News:

  • Our Monday Memories: Was Evolution that good? Did the SEGA Activator really help pave the way for Motion Controllers?
  • Round Table this week: How we feel about Yu Suzuki bringing back Shenmue III
  • We publish our contest winner’s reviews: Zombies Eat My Neighbors and the Mega Drive Master System Converter.

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    No mp3? 🙁

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