Sonic Talk Episode #21: Tracy Take Two

It may have taken several more weeks and one more recording session than expected, but we’ve finally got Tracy Yardley on Sonic Talk! As they say, good things come to those who wait, and that is definitely true for anyone who was looking forward to this. No need to skip through to the interview either, as we have Tracy Yardley! for the entire show, so just sit back and enjoy. Or not. We won’t judge you.

Today, in addition to the Yardley interview, we (sorta) discuss Sonic coming to the Ouya, the Sonic Lost World game play trailer, finally having a 3D Sonic game on a handheld, and the fact that the third Sonic game is in fact not coming this year.

Check out the high res version of a special piece of art Tracy did for us below. If you want a chance to commission him for a piece of SEGA art, you can enter into our SEGAbits Summer of Art Contest.

Sonic Talk COLOR


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  1. SeanK says:

    When is the mp3 coming?

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