Sonic Talk Episode 7 “Transformed”

In this special episode of Sonic Talk, Shigs and Nuckles87 are joined by Sven Joscylene AKA Dreadnux (Sonic Stadium, Spong) to talk all things All-Star. All three of us have gotten our hands on the game and will be discussing it at length along with what our choices would be for racers and courses. Tell us your favorite Sega franchise you would like to see in the game by hitting the comment section.

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10 responses to “Sonic Talk Episode 7 “Transformed”

  1. ronnie42 says:

    Love to see Ristar return, maybe Phantasy Star Online spinoff on it.

  2. Richard says:

    Game needs Nights, and i agree with both choices from ronnie, throw as much classic sega franchises in their and i be happy xD

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    Needs some Sega Saturn love. I would love to see a Sakura Taisen rep along with Segata Sanshiro and Zobio & Zobiko make their return.

  4. Pantu the Dog says:

    Of all the characters I want to return the most it is undoubtedly Ristar. Just seeing the little guy rendered in 3D for the first time would be awesome, and who knows… if he’s received well enough SEGA might even revive the IP for a standalone title. Fingers crossed!

  5. LightEffexor says:

    No mention of Vectorman? FOR SHAME. The first thing that crosses my mind when I hear “SEGA” and “transform” in the same sentence, everyone should think Vectorman.

  6. Ellios says:

    I’d like to see some of the Shining characters, preferably from shining the holy ark, but more likely if they did them they’d come from a shining force game.

  7. RedYellowBlueBlast says:

    Since Sega publishes the games, I think it would be both funny and awesome if they gave Hatune Miku a guest appearance in the game. lol.

  8. i would love to see classic sonic on Sonic & all stars racing trasformed i mean think about it

  9. Funnybum554 says:

    I COULD HAVE SWORN I SAW SILVER AND ROUGE IN SOME SCREENSHOTS! Sorry for the caps but take a look at the one starting with the boats, the first place racer I could have sworn is Silver and Rouge is in another one in the Panzer Dragoon course when Sonic is flying! ROUGE IS DEFINITELY BEHIND HIM!

  10. Shego12 says:

    Well. I like for the newcomers such NiGHTS,Bug,Vyse,and even Ristar to participate the All-Stars Racing competition for this sequel at the very least. As for the Veterans, I hope that at the very least Billy Hatcher,Ulala,and Jacky w/ Akira to return to the game sequel.

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