Announcing an update for the SEGAbits Summer of Art Contest!

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This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been trying to get around to writing this for a while, but things seemed to keep getting in the way. But not today! I’ve got a few announcements regarding this contest that will hopefully give everyone more of a reason to participate.
First of all, I am pleased to announce that we’ve added some additional prizes to the contest. The grand prize winner will now also receive:


  • The Eyes of Bayonetta artbook and DVD combo
  • The Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack.
  • Two rare, E3 exclusive Castle of Illusion pins
  • A rare, E3 exclusive Castle of Illusion lanyard.

These prizes will be in addition to the Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive, the Jet Set Radio soundtrack, a free SEGAbits t-shirt, rare sets of pins for both Jet Set Radio and Valkyria Chronicles 2, and a free commission from Sonic comic artist Tracy Yardley! Four runner ups will also be receiving the new Castle of Illusion pins, in addition to the Valkyria Chronicles and Jet Set Radio pins.
Finally, I would also like to announce that we are extending the length of the contest to August 10th, due to how long it took me to announce these new prizes. If you have never heard of this contest, check below so that I can tell you all about it!


SEGA has created some of the most beautiful games and iconic characters that gaming has ever seen. As such, SEGAbits would like to celebrate SEGA’s legacy of creativity with the Summer of Art contest! We will be taking submissions from across the world from fans expressing their SEGA passion! Not only will we be taking art, we will also be taking poems, original music and short videos! The more creative and passionate, the better! Just, you know, don’t get weird.


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