SEGAbits Summer of Art/Season of Colors Contest: the Silver and Bronze winners

Oboro in snow

There can only be one winner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also have stuff for the people who got second and third place. Above is one of the many entries sent into us by SEGA Nerd’s Kopke, aka Manuel Garcia Melgar. This awesome depiction of Hotsuma from SEGA’s criminally underappreciated Shinobi PS2 was one of several entries that nearly won him the grand prize. Here’s the one that came the closest. Please click it to see it in its full resolution glory!

Check below the fold for Manuel Garcia’s silver winning entry, as well as our bronze winner, Chase Svent!

Silver: Manuel Garcia’s “Racing Through the AGES”

Segabitsartcontest entry

Believe it or not, the work is still incomplete. He had several more characters he wanted to include including NiGHTS and Orta and the blue dragon from Panzer Dragoon. He’s since decided to make this piece even bigger, and he’ll be sending us the full work to post up here when it’s done.

Bronze: Chase Svent’s “Watch Your Back


Winning the bronze was Chase Svent, who sent in several wonderful Sonic art pieces. Surprisingly, he was the only person to send in artwork that centered around Sonic himself. You can check out his DeviantArt here. I love the colors and the speed lines of this work. It has a real sense of movement and speed to it that’s just great to look at.

Melgar has won two SEGAbits t-shirts as well as all four pins. Chase Svent has won one SEGAbits t-shirt and all four pins. There are still two more winners to announce, who will each be winning four SEGA pins. After that, we’ll slow off the additional work sent in by all five winners. Stay tuned!



4 responses to “SEGAbits Summer of Art/Season of Colors Contest: the Silver and Bronze winners

  1. Arturomaru says:

    Shinobi from PS2 will never be more keeewwwler than the MD Super Series, sorry.

    The Sonic artwork and the cute characters are way better fanarts and totally deserve the spot.

  2. Alex Peal says:

    …this post is for silver and bronze winners. We announced the winner several days ago. The cute characters won silver. I was just using Hotsuma as a header, because it was from the same guy and would have won the silver if not for some of the other things he sent in, including the thing I picked for second place.

  3. InTheSky says:

    That Hotsuma piece is phenomenal.

    Congrats to the winners.

  4. Sean Tagg says:

    Some really great SEGA artwork!

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