SEGA releases the last teaser for Project 575

SEGA has really been dragging this teaser for awhile, we reported on the first teaser almost a month ago, now SEGA is finally releasing its last teaser for its Project 575. The game is set to be revealed in 2 short days.

Well, the obvious is that it seems to be Vocaloid related music game. The song in the background is called ‘Fly Forward, Class!’ by Vocaloid artist Lamaze-P. The red female in the teases is called Azuki and the green one calls herself Maccha. According to hints in previous videos, the girls seem to talk a lot about going to class and practicing (for what?). Maccha also seems to mention evil spirits and demons. Kind of scary, no?

The game is set to be announced by Nico Nico Douga on July 18th.


One response to “SEGA releases the last teaser for Project 575

  1. Will says:

    shenmue 3?

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