SEGA Japan launches teaser site for upcoming Hatsune Miku game

[This article has been edited with newly found information. This is almost 100% a Hatsune Miku game]

SEGA Japan has now launched a teaser site for an upcoming unannounced game that will most likely be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (which starts next month). So what do we know about it so far? SEGA is calling this tease ‘neXt39‘ which is what we will be referring to the game until we find out the official name. The teaser page has the following numbers: “3939.00 / 3939” since the slash usually means division in math, it would equal to 1. Is this a clue? The screen also has strands that move in the background, 6 of them to be exact (with the only color repeating being yellow).

But Hatsune Miku also has a long series of using the number 39, specifically having a song named that. Not only that, Sam Mullen, the localization producer even explained the significance of Hatsune Miku using the number 39. Not only that a twitter user by the name of @Rorru pointed out that the teaser page’s timer ends minutes before Hatsune Miku’s birthday and that the color strands each represent a Cryptonloid. Hopefully this isn’t the only game announced at TGS, considering that Yakuza Team was teasing a new game.


15 responses to “SEGA Japan launches teaser site for upcoming Hatsune Miku game

  1. Draikin says:

    The recurring “39” may hint at a Project Diva game.

  2. Old Man says:

    NICE…. looking forward to this…. plus its her (Hatsune Miku) birthday coming up…. Actually quite interesting…

    Note to Author:
    Hey George, sadly, you should step down from writing anymore future articles or at the very least you should post a “disclaimer reminder ” that your published articles on here is just an “opinion” People have to be reminded that SEGAbits is a fansite that is not in any way officially affiliated with SEGA. Your personal views about certain games, is free to choose, but people may still confuse your articles as an official writer for SEGA. Just two cents. lol

    • George says:

      I really hope people don’t assume this is a official blog. I don’t hate Hatsune Miku, I just dislike that SEGA isn’t given in-house IPs more respect world wide. Changed the end of the article to make it less grumpy old George “Its in-house brands or get off my lawn” attitude.

    • Damian Chircop says:

      It’s ok, hopefully TGS announces the localization of more in-house IP’s because they seem more willing to port japanese games like Dengeki Bunku Fighting Climax than they were previously after the apology.

    • Damian Chircop says:


  3. CrispX says:

    Those guys only care about lolicon.

  4. Chaos says:

    So, if my math is correct, it’ll be announced tomorrow. Hype.

  5. ronny ton tober says:

    And they left shenmue for a game like hatsune. How of a fail and disgrace is that?

  6. Shelltoon says:

    I’m convinced Sega’s going to dump Sonic after his 25th anniversary and adopt Hatsune Miku as a mascot. Coming soon to TGS: 50 billion Miku games for all of you! Oh yeah, and Sonic’s 25th anniversary is happening, but who cares when you have Hatsune Miku?

    Seriously Sega, it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep defending you. It’s at the point that just looking at my Genesis is starting to make me queasy.

  7. RONMAN321 says:

    When everything comes to it in this modern day an age of ungaa bungaa oogaa boogaa confusion age of “Western Gamers”, you follow the smart money and what makes an ASSET not a LIABILITY it seems.

    Apparently, western gamers dont care about animal pets, and then it expands to not caring about females, due to the aggressive death kill propaganda kill everything and everyone games that other game devs encapsulate the short minded angry gaming crowd.

    Depending what path majority chooses, its either gore death and ugliness, or beauty truth and happiness.

    Its a choice mankind must make it seems. Gamers have a leverage.

  8. Sega Games launched a teaser site at on Monday for a new project. The teaser site contains the numbers 3939.

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