SEGA Tunes: Samba de Amigo’s Samba de Janeiro

In Samba de Amigo, every day is a dance party, with and endless parade of singing, shaking and Latin music. Few songs in the game embody the spirit of Samba’s visuals as well as Samba de Janeiro does. This is what a wild party sounds like and it’s always a joy to shake maracas to. This carefree party atmosphere also makes Samba de Amigo one of SEGA’s quintessential summer games.


4 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Samba de Amigo’s Samba de Janeiro

  1. sonicfan004 says:

    alright i have a question about this song. is it licensed or was it made for the game? ‘cuz i’ve heard it on the radio before, or rather a remix of it to be exact.

  2. Daniel says:

    It’s so catchy!

  3. Eli says:

    This is definitely one of the “good ol’ days” songs. I would get the part on 1:07 stuck in my head all the time. Also there’s the break down at 3:09…I recall it being much longer, because it would get pretty hectic shaking those maracas.

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