Football Manager Classic 2014 coming to Playstation Vita


SEGA’s Football Manager series sells really well in Europe, so its no surprised when they announced that Football Manager Classic 2014 was coming to Playstation Vita during Gamescom Sony press conference.

So now you are asking yourself why the title has ‘classic’ in the end? Seems that it is a mode that was introduced to last year’s version on PC that makes it quicker for you to get the full Football Manager experience. Yes, you still get access to all the goodies including huge database of players (over 1,500 scouts), 3D match engine, advance AI, and dozens of leagues to play.

Seems that the developer of the game, Sports Interactive actually talked to Hardlight (Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash) about development for the game. Interesting, watching SEGA studios work together. Nice job!


One response to “Football Manager Classic 2014 coming to Playstation Vita

  1. Sigma says:

    Does the Vita really sell that well in Europe, for SEGA to make a FM game for it?

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