Sonic Lost World Gamescom trailer details 2-player modes and more!

Yahoo! News has released a new Sonic Lost World trailer to coincide with Gamescom 2013. The trailer opens with a peek at a cutscene of Sonic and Tails arriving at Lost Hex in the Tornado, followed by footage of various stages including what appears to be Frozen Factory, a stage in which Sonic skates across icy paths. 2-Player Co-Op Support Mode shows Sonic being controlled by player 1, and the previously revealed gadgets built by tails being controlled by player 2. Past screens and videos showed off the green helicopter, and here we see it again as well as a fighter jet, a hover craft, and a silver UFO. One moment in the video shows the gadget acting as a platform, not unlike New Super Mario Bros. U’s support mode. The support mode actually has Tails voice, as though he is off-screen assisting Sonic. Also on show is a 2 Player Versus Races mode, with the multi-colored robotic Sonics from Sonic Colors making a return. Player one uses the TV screen while player 2 plays on the gamepad screen. MiiVerse Item Sharing allows players to share items like Wisp powers and classic Sonic power-ups including speed shoes, invincibility and Sonic 3’s elemental shields. One Wisp power-up appears to be called “ball”, turning Sonic into a giant black ball. Finally, we hear some taunts from the Deadly Six.

So far, it is one of the most revealing trailers to date with a lot to digest, so give it a few watches to take it all in and then let us know what you think about the game in the comments below!


15 responses to “Sonic Lost World Gamescom trailer details 2-player modes and more!

    • So all your thoughts are summed up in a Rocky clip? Does the game really make you that angry?

    • DCGX says:

      Maybe he just has something stuck up his-anus.

    • Sega Uranus says:

      Not really angry, just really disappointed with everything I see. Some of the core concepts are neat, but everything else about the game I absolutely do not even slightly like. The level design in theory is clever, but everything I have seen is bad, the art is weird/annoying/strange, the general theme of the game is beyond childish, the co-op stuff is an insult to Tails fans, the music is not catching me at all, even the general pacing of the game is really dumb. I also am really tired of the color powers and think they should have never been in more than one game.

      I want to be excited because I am really glad that there is finally a 3D handheld Sonic game coming out, but that looks even worse!

      Thats right it STINKS!

    • Radrappy says:

      I stopped reading your rant when you said “childish.” Who do you think these games are even for?

    • Sega Uranus says:

      Families. Sonic was designed for them, not children exclusively.

      Something like Disney’s Aladdin is for families, whereas Dora the Explorer is for children. There is a very distinct difference.

    • You really are not making sense. For starters, I think comparing video games to animation isn’t the best comparison. But, if you want to go that route: How is it anything like Dora or Sesame Street or any PBS kids shows? I accept that children are the Target audience for those shows.

      But from what I’ve seen of Sonic Lost World, the game looks very FAMILY friendly. There are no Dora the Explorer elements to be found. The game isn’t educational, it doesn’t hold the players hands. There are no matching games or “point the wiimote in the direction of the naughty badnik” mini-games.

      It’s a 2D/3D platformer. If anything, it is closer to Aladdin which straight up entertains through comedy and action.

      I’d love to see you actually explain yourself rather than resorting to quick and easy descriptive words. All you have said is that the level design is “bad”, the art is “weird/annoying/strange” and the general feeling of the game is “childish”. That really doesn’t enforce why you hate the game, if anything it reads like Sonic Mad Libs.

    • Sega Uranus says:

      I am talking about the themes and general style, not the genre or setting. The characters, the general art direction and overall presentation are very childish. This is not necessarily a bad thing (I am a huge fan of Super Monkey Ball), but it is especially frustrating for people who loved the art deco and weird mechanical structures of the originals.

      Stuff like the alligators that look comparable to the Hungry Hungry Hippos toy, the giant owls with searchlight eyes, the silly face cacti and stuff are literally the kinds of things that could never possibly fit in with most of the franchise. It is super kiddy and in the lamest ways too.

      @TimmiT I love Wind Waker, it might be my second favorite in the franchise. One of my favorite games overall too I think.

    • Radrappy says:

      One of the characters yells at sonic that he’s going home in a box. What is childish about that. If you don’t like how the enemies look like toys, fine. But don’t treat that as some kind of objectively bad thing.

    • TimmiT says:

      So basically, “it’s not the same so it sucks”?

    • Sega Uranus says:

      I have an extremely diverse taste in games, especially when it comes to Sonic games. So no, think of a better response next time. Instead of poking at me, why don’t you say what you think looks good about this? Because I have not seen anyone be positive about it. I have also not seen anyone point out how any of my points could be wrong at all.

      @Radrappy Just because the dialog is strange and awkward does not mean the game itself is less kiddy. In fact if anything it means the creators focus is much worse. I also never said I hated the game, just think it is pathetic.

    • PC0 says:

      So let me get this straight, you’re disappointed in a Sonic game? As in you were expecting something good? Where have you been the last decade? What, you were expecting something good because SEGA managed to squeeze two not great but not BAD Sonic games after a slew of absolute utter crap, some of which approached Superman 64 levels of terribleness? Worse, on the grounds of aesthetics with no attention as to whether the game play etc. is remotely decent or not?

      I’m not a big fan of Lost World but there’s plenty of reasons to be concerned about the game that actually have substance. Somehow though, all you’ve managed to do is explain that the latest log of dung SEGA’s offered you doesn’t taste like a Twix. Big surprise.

      You’d think after the first few times SEGA gave you Hepatitis with “classics” like Sonic Heroes and Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), you would have figured it out that expecting a quality Sonic game is like expecting to make a profit off of a stack of scratch tickets. Sure it could happen, but it probably won’t, so don’t go investing your last fifty bucks on it. You’re trippin’ if you’re honestly “disappointed” by a Sonic game at this point, clearly your expectations of the franchise are several magnitudes too high.

    • TimmiT says:

      You’re one of those people who hated Wind Waker’s art style, weren’t you? >:(

  1. Trippled says:

    im curios to why uranus doesn’t like how it looks

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