Saints Row IV pays tribute to Streets of Rage

[Warning: Spoilers]

The latest entry of the Saints Row franchise came out last month and in the full game there is a part in the story mode where you play as a retro side-scrolling beat ’em up arcade game called ‘Saints of Rage‘. Sound familiar?
If you want to see gameplay, hit the jump but I warn you the gameplay reminds me more of ‘Double Dragon‘ than Streets of Rage.


3 responses to “Saints Row IV pays tribute to Streets of Rage

  1. JeanLucAwesome says:

    This section of the game was really cool and unexpected.

    I really loved how my character was exactly how I had her looking, same clothes and everything. Totally awesome.

  2. betablocker says:

    I think it is a broader homage to the 90s beat em ups than just Double Dragon or Street of Rage.

    All the beat em ups were ripping each other off back then anyways. So in that sense Saints of Rage is fairly original.

  3. TimmiT says:

    It’s a great tribute. However, I’d put this under a big spoiler warning, like JeanLucAwesome said it’s supposed to be unexpected. 😛

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