SEGA’s latest teaser ends up being more Samurai & Dragons

We posted a few days ago that SEGA was teasing something for the Playstation Vita. We didn’t know much outside of the platform (due to HTML code) and the phrase ‘The New Story will Begin‘. Guess what the new game was? It was a teaser for the fifth season of Samurai & Dragons and we have the trailer above.

If you have played Kingdom Conquest, that is pretty much what Samurai & Dragons is for the Playstation Vita. It seems that SEGA is trying to enter this whole free-to-play market. SEGA is set to start the new Samurai & Dragons on November 1st.


2 responses to “SEGA’s latest teaser ends up being more Samurai & Dragons

  1. Rickmoss says:

    Game looks like BS

  2. this is more interesting than anything else of it’s time

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