SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Rollers of the Realm (PC, PS4, & Vita)

Our work at E3 this year would have been cut short if it had not been for Sega’s acquisition of Atlus Games. (It also would have given us more time to have some fun. Kidding, kidding.) Still, this allowed us to check out some quality titles we might have passed up otherwise. Games like Citzens of Earth (which Nuckles87 recently did an extensive view of). I took up the quest to try Rollers of the Realm. A very different take on your average pinball game.

Rollers of the Realm from developer Phantom Compass is a very different take on both the RPG and pinball genre by combining the two into one game. The main story follows a young, thief girl and her faithful dog meeting up with a disenfranchised, retired knight and a slew of other characters. The odd thing here is that each playable character is represented by a pinball on the table while other characters such as enemies or villagers retain their human look. Each pinball character has a unique look and ability. The knight for instance, is a large pinball made up of chunks of armor put together who is very heavy so the ball just knocks enemies over. The thief girl is a really small pinball so it an get into areas the others can’t.


Each characters stats and abilities are raised as you play through the game. The game play itself is pretty original. You are not flipping the bumpers to get a high score, but rather to progress through the story. You do so by completing a series of “missions” spread out through each table. It could be something as simple as attacking some guards or tricky like using one flipper as a open door and using the other flipper to get through. It amkes it a pinball game that uses equal parts brain power and reflexes.


Rollers of the Realm from Atlus Games is due out near the end of this year on both PS4 and Vita. If you’re looking for a pinball experience with a brand new twist, I’d highly recommend checking this one out.


3 responses to “SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Rollers of the Realm (PC, PS4, & Vita)

  1. Saturn Memories says:

    Generic art, barren tables, slow gameplay… Not exactly what I’m looking for in a digital pinball game.

  2. Hitrax says:

    Apparently, Capcom is offering controlling shares of it’s company now for sale, maybe another opportunity for Sega to capitalize on this by buying up the Capcom shares like it done with Index100’s Atlus last year?
    Would give Sega even more of a broader franchise roster and increase the size of Sega, it’s hard to imagine E3 this year had they not got Atlus last year, the chances are probably some way off but if Sega has the money they could do with making use of it and getting more of a presence back if they did.

    • Hitrax says:

      Con’t, The Capcom shares are estimated to only be set at £/$ 17 per share – much less valued than they used to be probably as Capcom made a number of blunders and was criticized for unfair price set up policies like it’s DLC content and losing a lot of the magic from it’s biggest franchises by overly-Westernising them to appeal to the Call of Duty and Gears of War fans and players – it all caught up with them all last gen and now they’re having trouble. This could be an even bigger opportunity for Sega if they were to purchase the shares and bring Capcom into the Sega-Sammy roster family group as they did with Atlus. Capcom can re-attract it’s original fan base back instead of alienating them like last gen, and Atlus has a bigger map to be represented on with better security in the roster. Shares aren’t too expensive either just now, but the value return is very high if Sega went for it.

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