SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate charts for June 09 – 15 June 2014


After debuting in the charts so impressively, SEGA’s first major title since the Atlus takeover continues its fine performances in the Japanese charts. Last week the title debuted as the best selling piece of software in Japan but did it have enough steam to continue it’s strong sales into the second week? And what about Hero Bank? The game that seemed destined to be a major flop finally appears in the charts again but has it crossed the 50,000 barrier? All these questions answered after the break!


Media Create Sales: Week 23, 2014 (Jun 09 – Jun 15)

03./01. [3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth # <RPG> (Atlus) {2014.06.05} (¥7.538) – 31,472 / 218,329 (-83%)

Unfortunately Persona Q just did not have enough in the tank to stop Mario Kart 8 from reclaiming top spot and break out success story Yo-kai Watch continues it’s fine performance by sealing second spot. Despite this, Persona Q‘s additional 31,000 sales has helped the title to overtake all but three titles in the Persona series in the same period. It is a massive result considering that the title was both a spinoff and released exclusively on a non-Sony platform. It currently trails both Persona 4 (PS2) and Persona 4 Golden (PSV) by just over 75,000, if it will get there is another question, looking at the second week of the biggest Persona titles shows us that;


[PS1] Persona {1996.09.20} – 62,661 / 263,808 (-69%)
[PSP] Persona 3 Portable {2009.11.01} – 43,720 / 152,063 (-60%)
[PS1] Persona 2: Innocent Sin {1999.06.24} – 37,500 / 208,077 (-78%)
[PS2] Persona 4 {2008.07.10} – 35,301 / 247,268 (-83%)
[PS2] Persona 3 {2006.07.13} – 32,268 / 159,740 (-75%)
[3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth {2014.06.05} – 31,166 / 217,564 (-83%)
[PS1] Persona 2: Eternal Punishment {2000.06.29} – 19,607 / 139,090 (-84%)
[PSV] Persona 4 Golden {2012.06.14} – 18,069 / 170,568 (-88%)

It we are to take Persona 4 and predict Persona Q would be selling a similar amount to the Playstation 2 title. it would seem that Persona Q might be ending with sales of between 250,000 – 260,000. However Persona 4 Golden had a much sharper rate of decline than either titles and went on to sell an additional 100,000+ units place – currently somewhere in the 297,000 mark. Therefore, if we are to predict that Persona Q would be following this titles selling trend, it would mean the 3DS spinoff should hit around the 300,000 – 310,000 mark. Realistically though Persona Q is probably going to fall somewhere between either 260,000 – 310,000. But with an abundance of Persona related media (Anime, spinoffs and Persona 5) coming and inducing a healthy amount of hype with the Persona brand I am willing to throw my hat in and say the title will probably hit the 300,000 mark at some point.


Finally some confirmation on the performance of SEGA’s original IP for the Nintendo 3DS, Hero Bank. Last week I mentioned how close the game was hovering near the 50,000 mark (A matter of a thousand really) but thanks to Dengeki we now have confirmation the title has managed to cross that barrier! Last week Hero Bank added an additional 1,206 units sold bringing its lifetime sales to 51,679 and at the rate it’s going 60,000 and if it’s lucky, 70,000 sales is not out of the question. Another interesting fact is looking at Amazon in Japan, Hero Bank did not suffer the price collapse people were expecting. Even after close to 3 months of release, the game maintains 61% of it’s original price. If this is enough to convenience SEGA to go ahead with a Hero Bank 2 is another question, but there definitely is solid foundations for a sequel to build on the numbers produced by the original.

That wraps up another SEGA in the Charts, until next time!


6 responses to “SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate charts for June 09 – 15 June 2014

  1. InTheSky says:

    Wow. Hero Bank’s got better legs than Gaist Crusher, and Gaist Crusher’s getting an expansion.

    I’m feeling pretty good about Persona Q hitting 300k also!

  2. RegalSIn says:

    SMT is the new pokemon…….It has become less about the idea of moving through cyberspace into virtual worlds, to the afterlife/underworld ( etc ), via net addresses, and such, to being another Oh look, I have almost every single mythological being at my disposal……. In my opinion, it went from being post an apocalyptic series, into how do we sell this to how do we dumb down young people even further.

  3. Damon says:

    How is the Capcom sale going? Is Sega looking to get involved with that also like with the Atlus sale?

    • InTheSky says:

      I think the only news regarding that was an allowance for the possibility of majority share buyout. Not much other movement or news.

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