SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate charts for June 02 – 08 June 2014


This is the first time “SEGA in the Charts” will be covering an Atlus game and what a time to start! As it is, this is SEGA’s first number one since Hatsune Miku released back in March and the first title published in Japan under SEGA’s ownership of the Atlus brand. It’s also the first time the Persona series has appeared on a non-Playstation console, so it will be interesting to see how things develop after the first week of sales. I think both Atlus and SEGA can be extremely happy with how it has turned out for them. Hit the break to see the full lowdown!


Media Create Sales: Week 23, 2014 (Jun 02 – Jun 08)

01./00. [3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth # <RPG> (Atlus) {2014.06.05} (¥7.538) – 186.856 / NEW

A fantastic opening for Persona Q. The game shoots straight up to number one and has helped boost the 3DS sales by over 12,000 units, giving the console a total sale of 36,270 units. It always seemed that Persona Q would do well on the 3DS simply because the audience was already cultivated thanks in part to the highly successful Etrian Odyssey games (the last one having lifetime sales of 134,499 on the 3DS), but first week sales has demolished the lifetime sales of any Etrian Odyssey title. It’s an amazing result, especially as this was the Persona’s series debut on a Nintendo console. Comparing with the other big openings in the Persona series:

Format / Title / Release / FW / LTD

[PS2] Persona 4 (Atlus) {2008.07.10} – 211,967 / 294,214
[PS1] Persona (Atlus) {1996.09.20} – 201,147 / 391,556
[3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (Atlus) {2013.06.05} – 186,398 / NEW
[PS1] Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Atlus) {1999.06.24} – 170,577 / 274,798
[PSV] Persona 4 Golden (Atlus) {2012.06.14} – 152,499 / 256,494

Persona Q has done exceptionally well in becoming the third biggest opening in the franchise’s history. It’s also good news for the long term health of the series if the Playstation Vita is indeed the last of Sony’s handhelds, SEGA will not have to worry much as it seems the Persona fanbase will indeed flock to the 3DS. As it stands, Persona Q has only been outsold by 4 other Persona titles in the series. Looking long term, there’s no doubt that 200,000 units is a dead cert but beyond that there is a possibility that this title may reach 300,000 units and the first time the series has hit that mark in Japan but this will only becoming clearer with next week’s sales.


To finish off, a side note on SEGA’s late March release, Hero Bank. Regular readers of SEGA in the Charts would remember that the family adventure opened with a disastrous sales of 15,060 units. However the title just kept selling after its poor opening and despite only a price drop of 30% since launch, the title has more than likely edged over the 50,000 mark. Last week totals saw the title stand at sales of 49,479 after adding another 1,482 to it’s total and it seems this week it’s more than likely to have passed over the 50,000 sold through mark. How much more it can sell though is anybody’s guess, no doubt the anime has helped massively in giving the game longer than expected legs. Now at the half point of the anime series life, if the game continues to sell like this it should enjoy an extra 15,000 units bringing it to a much more respectable 65,000 units.

That about wraps up another edition of SEGA in the Charts, hope everyone has enjoyed E3 and something has caught everyone’s eye. Until next time!


4 responses to “SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate charts for June 02 – 08 June 2014

  1. mariano says:

    Thanks for the hardwork. i hope this will help Sega-Sammy profit to go up because they expect a decrese in profit for the first six months according to their fiscal report.

  2. Fernandeath says:

    Good news

  3. Mariano says:

    Hey i just realise something. In their fiscal report Sega-Sammy expect 450k sales from 1Q2Q from the 3DS. One is conception 2 (Retail USA) i think and the other is Persona Q. I am right?

  4. Hitrax says:

    I don’t see Sega’s mark on the box cover, it looks entirely like just another Atlus game – not that’s a bad thing necessarily, in-game Sega is likely represented anyway, Atlus being a Sega company now is probably going to be good for Atlus in the long run, Sega’s putting them on the map more clearly, opening up new avenues, like first time Persona is no longer PSX exclusive, a stronger western presence also maybe, and Sega gets another decent revenue stream, anyone know how much Sega makes per every game sold? Compared with every Atlus division game sold?

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