Updated: Archie Comics set to release Sonic Boom comic series


Update: It seems Archie’s subscription page was posted too soon, as the page is now down and IGN has posted an official exclusive (whoops!) unveiling of the new series. IGN reveals that the series will be written by Ian Flynn with art by Evan Stanley. Also, the premiere issue will have four variant covers that link up when you put them next to each other (seen after the break). SEGA and IGN promise that more will be revealed during next week’s San Diego Comic Con. In a short interview with Flynn and Stanley, the first story arc has been revealed to be 80 pages long and “sets the comical, whimsical tone for the series”. The duo also promised that the series will feature “some over-arching stuff going on from issue to issue that builds up to some REALLY awesome happenings a little later on down the line.”

Original article: Archie Comics  has just announced that it is developing a new comic book adaptation of the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series and video games. This adaptation will be its own stand alone series outside of the Archie continuity. Below is a description of the new Sonic comic series taken from Archie’s site.

Here comes the BOOM! Get in on the ground floor with the ALL-NEW ONGOING SONIC COMIC BOOK SERIES from Archie Comics based on the new hit TV series and video game: Sonic Boom! This ground-breaking new chapter in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise puts a new “spin” on all your favorite heroes and villains plus new faces and hilarious new stories chock-full of action and it’s all brought to you by the folks that bring the hit series Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe to you each and every month! Subscribe today and own a piece of Sonic comic history!

You can order either a one year subscription of 12 issues for $35.88 ($27.99 for sale price) or a $71.76 ($47.99 for sale price) for 2 years of 24 issues by clicking this link to Archie’s online comic store. The comic’s release date is unknown at this time but stay tuned to SEGAbits for all the latest!


5 responses to “Updated: Archie Comics set to release Sonic Boom comic series

  1. nuckles87 says:

    Well, I am relieved this isn’t replacing Sonic Universe.

  2. Icedus says:

    Kinda jumping the gun preemptively calling them hits, ain’t they?

  3. InTheSky says:

    Sweet, SDCC is coming soon!

  4. RegalSin says:

    Poor Amy, and who am I kidding Poor Knuckles. You can the artist did not made the characters direct mimicks, but kinda hinted at it.

    I miss Aunt Sally.

  5. Modochi says:

    Art looks good, but the poses look really stiff for Knuckles and Amy, I’m especially puzzled by Amy looking like she’s both running and jumping in midair. Nice job with the safety violation there Tails, seriously, who is flying that plane?

    The four different covers smack of a quick cash grab of the extremely cruel kind, did the lawsuits really rain the coffers so much Archie?

    I notice on another site that Ian has been quoted as saying Sonic and Tails will have their mainstream personalities in their comic series. That is a pretty weird thing to say in my opinion cause it makes you stop up and wonder if they intend to use the ones from the regular comics rather then the Boom versions.

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